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Completing the surveys and getting paid for that is the easiest way to make online money. It doesn’t matter where are you, just open your mobile and complete the surveys that are all you need to do. Completing a survey can’t make you huge money but it can help you to make some extra money.

There are lots of survey sites some of them are paying and some of them are not and some of them are paying too low. It is hard to find the best-suited site. Here is the review of all survey sites which pay you for completing the survey online. The most important thing you need to have is to “be real”.

Here are some survey sites that let you earn money for surveys that pay through PayPal instantly.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie was launched in early 2011 and currently has more than 4 million registered users. It received 12K reviews on TrustPilot with a 4.5 Star Rating.

The country supported: USA, Australia, and Canada.

Earn: You will be rewarded with points, 1000 points = 10$. Your points will vanish if you do not complete at least one survey within 12 months.

Payout Method: PayPal and gift cards

Average Rewards: 1$ to 5$

2. Swag Bucks

Swagbucks is one of the oldest “get paid to” sites. They paid more than  250 million USD. Swagbucks is there since 2005.

Users can earn by doing a survey, watching videos, shop online, doing online searches, test new products, playing games, completing tasks, viewing sponsored ads, and doing daily tasks.

Earn: You will be rewarded with SB, 1000 SB= 1$. Your points will vanish if you do not complete at least one survey within 12 months.

Payout Method: PayPal and gift cards (like Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, and many more).

Average Rewards: 0.4$ to 5$

Online surveys that pay cash

3. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is owned by an iGain company located in New York. According to the iGain website, they have paid more than 7 million USD since 2006. Get PayPal surveys for money only here.

There are various methods to earn like surveys, watching videos, reading mail, and reward codes. Here you can check which types of surveys are there on the Vindale Research site.

The country supported: US, UK, Canada, Australia.

Payout Method: PayPal and Cheque.

Average Rewards: 0.5$ to 5$

4. Valued Opinion

Valued Opinion is one of the trusted survey sites where you can earn up to 5$ per survey. In starting, they may have fewer surveys if you didn’t fill your profile. Survey sites with no minimum payout.

Withdrawals can be done using Amazon, and many others. There are more than 10 gift card options are available and those options are available according to your location/country.

Payout Method: Gift Cards.

Average Rewards: 1$ to 5$.

5. Toluna

Toluna has more than 10 million members. It is paying 1500 to 15000 points on each survey. Most of the surveys are related to products and purchasing.  There are surveys worth 50,000 points and more too but for that, you have to pass a qualifying survey.

The minimum withdrawal is 30,000 Points which equals 10$ gift cards. Also can use PayPal for 30$ or 90,000 Points.

If you are from India then Toluna India is suitable for you.

Payout Method: Gift Cards & PayPal

6. LifePoints

In less time they achieve more users, currently, there are more than 5 million users are registered. There are sort and long surveys. Most of the surveys on Health, Sport, and Travel

Minimum Withdrawal:  5$ for PayPal

Payout Method: PayPal

Average Reward: 0.6$ to 1.00$

7. MyPoints

MyPoints is active since 1996 it is one of the oldest survey sites.  You can earn by doing a survey, watching videos, reading emails, playing games, and shopping online.

Bonus: 10$ Amazon or Wallmart gift card

Minimum Withdrawal:  5$ for PayPal

Payout Method: Gift Cards (more than 70 different retailers cards) & PayPal

Average Reward: 2$ to 3$

8. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey site where you can earn for completing a survey on products. Most of the surveys are conducted by Opinion Outpost are for the government. While registration they ask a few questions so they can provide proper surveys.

You can withdraw your earned points through Gift Card and PayPal. The positive side of this panel is even after disqualifying you will get entered into sweepstakes.

Minimum Withdrawal:  5$ for PayPal & 10$ for Gift Cards

Payout Method: Gift Cards & PayPal

Average Reward: 2$ to 5$

9. PineCoin Research

PineCoin Research is a very exclusive site and it is backed by Nielsen. Only one member from one House is allowed to sign up. To sign up on PineCoin you need an invitation from someone don’t panic. It is not hard to get an invitation. You can find the invitation from various methods like Pinecoin advertising on various sites from time to time.

PineCoins pay at least 3$ per survey and 6$ for reviewing a product. Rewards are counted in points and 100 points are equals to 1$. This Survey Panel runs a lucky draw or lottery where you can earn up to 500 to 5000$.

Minimum Withdrawal:  3$

Payout Method: Check, Gift Card & PayPal

Average Reward: 3$

Online surveys that pay cash

10. Inbox Dollar

Inbox Dollar was launched in the year 2000. Actually, InboxDollar is the “Get Paid To….” site not a Survey Panel site. On InboxDollar you can earn by watching videos, completing a survey, reading email, and many more.

There are many other ways you can earn money like playing games, searching the web, and downloading coupons.

Bonus: 5$ on Sign Up

Minimum Withdrawal:  30$

Payout Method: Check, Visa, and gift cards

Average Reward: 5$

11. Survey Club

Survey Club is paying since 2005. It takes around 2 to 3 minutes in the registration process. After registration, you may get 3 surveys worth up to 5$ per survey (5×3=15$).

SurveyClub does not provide the survey themselves, they work as a middleman. Technically all surveys are provided by a third party.

Minimum Withdrawal:  20$

Payout Method: Gift cards, travel miles, or PayPal

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$.

12. HarrisPollOnline

It doesn’t make more importance in front of the above-mentioned sites. HarrisPollOnline is new and not much famous as others but it is trusted and paying its users.

It is worth giving a try to Harris Poll Online. As it doesn’t affect anything and the site’s UI interface is good. Here are the PayPal surveys online only for you.

Minimum Withdrawal:  10$

Payout Method: Gift cards and Donation

Average Reward: 1$

13. Ipsos i-say

The simple and pure survey panel site allows users to earn by completing surveys. All earned points can be redeemed using Amazon, Gift Cards, and many other retailers’ cards.

Ipsos offers loyalty rewards you can earn 25 points on completing 5 surveys and 300 points on completing 100 surveys. They have prize rewards, you can earn up to 500$. You don’t need to do anything just complete surveys and you will get entry.

Minimum Withdrawal:  10$

Payout Method: Gift cards and PayPal

Average Reward: 10$ for Gift Card, 15$ for PayPal.

You can know how to get paid through PayPal surveys? Here you will know.

14. VIP Voice

You can earn money by sharing your views but you can’t withdraw that in cash. Winning is based on luck. You can earn points that can be redeemed for sweepstakes and prizes.  There is an opportunity to win vacations, prizes, electronics, and other gift cards.

Minimum Withdrawal:  N/A

Payout Method: Sweepstakes, Auction Bids, Prizes, Vacation Packages.

Average Reward: 50-200 points

15. OneOpinion

The signup process is very simple it takes a minute to complete the signup. Currently available for US, UK, and Australia only. OneOpinion offers product testing to its valuable users. Here 1000 points are equals to 1$. OneOpinion is the best PayPal survey with no minimum payout.

Minimum Withdrawal:  25$

Payout Method: Amazon Gift Card, VISA, and PayPal

Average Reward: 1$ to 5$

16. YouGov

YouGov panel is available for almost every country, check here if your country includes it or not.  It takes curvey on the following topics Brands, Spending Habits, Politics, and TV programs. Sign-up can be done using email or Facebook. Paypal Surveys No Minimum Payout.

Complete surveys and get PayPal surveys for cash.

Minimum Withdrawal:  50$Bonus: 100 Points on Sign up and completion of the welcome survey.

Payout Method: Check and Gift Cards

Average Reward: 1$ to 5$

17. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

ACOP is a very famous site in American and European countries. They have more than 7 million members who earned more than 30 million dollars.

On ACOP you can earn money by completing surveys and testing products. These 1000 points are equals to 10$. ACOP is the instant PayPal survey.

Minimum Withdrawal:  10$

Payout Method: PayPal and Gift Cards

Average Reward: 1$ to 3$

18. Maru SpringBoard America

The panel was established in 2009. They have a giveaway, to enter in a giveaway you don’t need to do anything extra. After completing each survey you enter in 1000$ giveaway.

These are survey sites with no minimum payout.

You will find and can get paid PayPal surveys.

5000 points are equals to 50$. Maru Springboard America supports Amazon gift cards, iTunes, Google Play, VISA Cards. Many users reported them as scams.

Minimum Withdrawal:  50$

Payout Method: PayPal and Gift Cards

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$

19. Google Opinion Rewards

Google doesn’t pay much for their survey and their surveys are very small. The surveys can be on any topic Car, Travelling, Food, or any other.

Try to withdraw or use your earned money as soon as possible because recently few users complained that their money disappeared from their accounts.

Minimum Withdrawal:  1$

Payout Method: Google Play Credit

Average Reward: up to 1$

20. NiceQuest

At NiceQuest you can earn points by completing surveys. These points can be used to redeem merchandise, gift cards for shopping, and restaurants. Also, you can donate your points to charity. And can enter sweepstakes.

You can win different gadgets like iPhone and Fitbit devices. PayPal surveys $5 now.

Minimum Withdrawal:  10$

Payout Method: Gift Card and Donation

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$

21. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is active since 2007 and they have currently more than 9 million registered members. More than 19 million were paid out in cash and gift cards. It takes less than 15 seconds to sign up. You can get a PayPal survey to stay at home.

There are various methods to earn a Complete survey, daily survey, watch videos, and play games.  You can earn more than 50$. Also, you can get different gadgets.

Minimum Withdrawal:  2$

Payout Method: Gift Card, Gadgets, and PayPal

Average Reward: 0.5$ to 5$

Read more about PrizeRebel here.


Conclusion: We added every site hereafter reviewing them. Every site mentioned here is safe to use. You are not going to lose anything. If you are willing to work on only a few sites, we recommend using Swagbucks, InboxDolars, Survey Junkie, Toluna, and Vindale Research. Paypal surveys no minimum payout.

How much you can earn? Well, it depends on how much time you spend on each site and the types of surveys you get. If you try all the above sites mentioned above daily for two hours for at least one month, you can earn around 1000$ to 3500$ per month.

Which one is your favorite, comment below?

Are PayPal surveys legit?

The above sites are legit, but if you found any on google and that doesn’t pay you, they are really scamming.

I can get paid $75 taking surveys?

If you follow the above sites then you can go ahead and can get paid $75 for taking surveys.

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