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Who is not using the internet? If you are reading this article then definitely you are one who regularly uses mobile or laptop.

Can you make money by just installing and keeping the app on your devices? Definitely, you can make money by just keeping the app on your device and using the internet.

Earning from this method will be low but still, it can help you to save your money on daily coffee.

There are many applications where you can make money by sharing your data and one of them is the Pawns app but it is legit or not? how much you can make? and much more to know in this Review.

What Is

Pawns App is a software-based mobile app where you have to download the app on your device and start using the internet as you regularly use it.

The app uses your internet connection to gather information about different companies and services that are available on the internet.

All the information gathered from your connection will be shared with the other companies that are partnered with the

There are two main sources of income on that allows users to earn free money one is by sharing their internet connection and another one is by filling out surveys.

The more devices you will connect the more you will earn so you may want to connect more devices to the app.

The company is registered in the name of IPRoyal Services FZE LLC at the address of Flamingo Villas, Ajman, UAE.

How To Start Making Money With Pawns.App

To start making money on you have to create an account on their website. So let’s start with it.

Create An Account

To create an account on their website you have to visit the website, you can use our referral link as well. You will get $1 instantly by using a referral link.

Now click on the signup button that you can find on top of the homepage.

You can sign up using your Google account, Email, or Apple ID. You will receive verification mail, and verify the account by clicking on the link.

Creating an account and using the platform is absolutely free.

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Download The App

The app is available for almost every device that you use Android, MacOS, iOS, CLI, Docker, and Windows.

After downloading the app to your device you have to run it and log in to your account. After logging you have asked to give permission to share your internet with them.

Once you allow keep the app running in the background and regularly check the earnings.

Complete Surveys

Another way to make money from the Pawns App is through Surveys. They offer a variety of paid surveys which you can complete and make money in your free time.

On average you can make around $1 per survey on Pawns.App and this amount can go up to $3 per survey, claimed by the Pawns.App it self.

Refer and Earn

PawnsApp pays 10% on every invited friend’s earnings. If you referred your friend and he made $100 then you will get $10 from his earnings. Plus they also pay $1 on every referral joined using your link

Pawns App Sign Up Bonus

If you join using a referral link then you will get $1 on your first withdrawal and the person with whose link you joined will also get $1 as a bonus. It is a win-win opportunity.

You can use our link to join.

How Much You Can Make?

Even though earning depends on your internet, Pawns.App claims that you can earn around $10 daily per IP. Also, some other factors that can affect your earnings are Location, Speed of the Internet, and number of IPs.

Users from the USA, UK, Australia, and other first-tier countries can earn more. Some users are getting $0.25 per GB you shared with Pawns App.

If you can keep your device active for 24 hours then it will make you around $200 to $300 per month for free.

Pawns.App Payment Method

The minimum payout is only $5. To withdraw your earnings to your wallet they allow you to withdraw in supporting payment methods.

As of now, they support payment methods like PayPal, BTC coin, and some virtual gift cards (VISA & Amazon).

The supported payment method may not be available for some, because they have different payment methods for different locations. Most of the country’s users can receive a payout in Bitcoin.

Payments are sent automatically within 24 hours, after receiving the payout do not forget to share these review with others.

Pawns.App Is Legit Or Scam?

After reading reviews shared by the users and checking their partners I can say they are legit.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from 200 reviews. Some negative reviews mentioned that they are not receiving surveys.

On Play Store they have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from more than 25K users.