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Want to purchase clothes that are fashionable and cheap at the same time? Then Cherley might help you with that. There are many platforms or websites where you can find the best clothes but still, people want to try new websites and platforms.

Many people use Cherley to purchase clothes and other items. If you are also planning to do the same then you should read this honest Cherley review first.

The website shows that you can find attractive, well-designed, and full of fashionable clothes for women at very cheap rates and also with fast delivery.

Claiming as the platform is not new but fulfilling what they claim is important. In this Cherley review, you can find out if all these commitments are getting fulfilled or not, whether they are legit or not, where they are located, and much more.

What Is Cherley?

Cherley is a United Kingdom-based online dressing shop. It is an international online fashion clothes selling shop that claims that they provide cheap and good quality products.

They are growing slowly but they came into the market before 2021 it became popular in early 2021 after that the growth of the platform or website increased.

The most of products or clothes available on the platform are for Girls and Women who are looking for stylish, cheap, new, and modern dresses.

It is corporate under the name of “Shenzhen Tongfei E-Commerce Co., Ltd”. According to their website, they are located and headquartered at 710J, Haosheng Business Center, Dongbin Rd, Nanshan Street, Nanshan, Shenzhen.

This location is their office location and not a returning address, hence if you didn’t like their product and want to return it then you should check the other address provided by customer support.

What You Can Buy Here? There Rate Are Reasonable?

Cherley provides and shares the different types of products in different categories like you ca get dresses for different occasions, weddinng outfits, fashion dresses, and other clothes.

They have dresses for different occasions like Prom, Vacatio, Crochet, Homecoming, Cherley Style, and Autunm. Also you ca find dresses under different categories Floral, Satin, Fringe, Maxi, Mini, Vacation, Prom,Wedding, Party, Gown, Velvet, Squin, Kintted, and Midi.

Rates of dresses starts usually from the rate $30. The rate are ok in compare of other platforms but to save more you can use coupon codes which we will share later in this Cherley review article.

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Who Owns Cherley? Cherley Is Legit Or Scam

We know who is behind the big e-commerce  platforms. We know the who are the owners of Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, and other e-commerce platform.

Which is required in order to use the platform, this builds the trust as well.

According to their website the company is running on the name of Keli Group DI Liao Keli ad registration number is MB-2591094. But do you know where they are registered? Well I also don’t know.

Again as per their website they have office address at Agrate Brianza (MB) VIA Industrie 86 CAP, 20864, Italy. I checked this address but it seems it is scam address.

Some other following addresses are shared by them are;

Branch Office:Shenzhen Tongfei E-Commerce Co., Ltd

Branch Address:710J, Haosheng Business Center, Dongbin Rd, Nanshan Street, Nanshan, Shenzhen

All of this addresses seems fake or scams, they are using addresses of other stores or locations.

If you read reviews on rating sites like TrustPilot then you will find what they are. They have rating of 2.2 out of 5 from 173 reviews.

Negative reviews are calling them scam becuase;

  • They send replica of original product
  • Products are not as in description
  • Colors are different from shows
  • Return policy is worst
  • No proper customer support
  • Customer support is not helping

What I Should Do? Conclusion

I do not suggest to use this website to order any item. If you are planing to order something from this site then stop now and stay away from them. If you have already ordered then pray to god and keep asking them for return in case you got damaged or unwanted items.