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Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online it generates revenue for bloggers and affiliate marketers without putting much effort.

Melio Payments has enabled an affiliate program that allows affiliate marketers to make a good amount of money by making leads.

For affiliate marketers choosing the best and highest-paying affiliate programs is not that easy. But for you, we have decided to bring the review of the Melio Affiliate Program because it is making noise among affiliate marketers.

They offer huge income opportunities per referral hence it is important to know if they are legit or not, if they are legit then they are offering high income or not, how to join, and much more to know about them.

Before that let’s understand what is Melio first.

What Is MelioPayments?

MelioPayments is an online tool for businesses to use payment structures. It is widely used by startups and small-scale companies.

The website claims that each transaction proceeds in a simple way and also supports major payment modes. It is quite popular in the USA because most startups started using Melio’s payment service on their platform.

Melio is convenient and easy to use, it is the ideal tool for traders, sellers, vendors, suppliers, distributors, and everyone else who is involved in stages of payments.

About Melio Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of Melio offers attractive offers and this is the reason why we decided to write a detailed article on this.

Finding such an affiliate program is quite tough but can pay a good amount of money while accepting your profile very easily. Melio has different offers for affiliate marketers who have a vast amount of traffic.

The amount Melio pays is outstanding they pay $200 for initial users or refers. What you need is a simple website with any source of traffic that can bring real users to Melio.

They don’t have any restrictions on bringing customers hence you can attract as many users as you can to the platform.

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Why To Join Melio’s Affiliate Program?

To join any program you need motivation and money is the best motivation to do any work. By joining the Melio affiliate program you can make up to $500 per referral you bring. The amount is quite big.

Another reason to join them is the trust that they have built, it is the payment gateway solution in the USA which is used by major giants and start-ups. It is trusted by JP Morgan, American Express, QuickBooks, Mastercard, Visa, Discovers, etc.

How To Join the Melio Affiliate Program

Melio is quite active with affiliate programs and joining them is not that hard. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to join the Melio affiliate program.

Melio has partnered with Parterstack to run its affiliate program.

Go To The Affiliate Program Page


To join the affiliate program you have to visit the Parterstack website. After visiting the website you have to register yourself on their website and then login to the partnerstack website.

Now, go to the marketplace and search for the Melio. You will find the button to join the program.

After that, the website will ask you to complete your profile with the details asked, and after that, you can apply to join the program.

Get Links and Check Stats

Once they approve your application you can access the creatives like links and Banners. You can use this to promote the product on your website.

Also, you can track your progress and sales made through your links. You can also use this thing to monetize your website.

Withdraw Your Income

Once you generate a referral you will get paid for it. The minimum amount you will get paid per active referral is $200. You can withdraw your rewards through Paypal, Stripe, or Direct Bank Deposit.

You have to like the payment method in your profile before requesting payment.

Paypal is available in almost all countries and Stripe as well but the Bank deposit option is available in limited countries only.

Payments are sent in the next month of this month’s earnings. If you have earned money in December then you will get your rewards in your account on  15th January.