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LitAnswers was the best place to get Chegg answers but as of now, we know Lit Answers is gone. Their website is not working anymore and no hope that they will come back.

There are similar sites open on the name of LitAnswers but all of them are fake. The original domain of the LitAnswers site was and currently, there are sites with a similar name that ends with .net or .in.

Want to know what happened to Lit Answers? Here you can find the article on LitAnswers closure.

Without wasting any time let’s check out the list of best Lit Answers Alternative.

4 Best Lit Answers Alternative

On the internet, you can find many websites that claim that they are the best LitAnswers alternative but all of them can’t be, right? That’s why here we have chosen 4 of them.


SparkNotes can be the best place to find answers of all time whether your questions are from history or maths or physics. The Spark has owned SparkNotes, which was started by Harvard Students Sma Yagan, Max Krohn, and Chris Coyne in 1999.

They also have a mobile app that is downloaded by more than 150K people worldwide but the main drawback about them is that their app was last updated in 2018.


CrazyForStudy claims to be the search engine for academic students. You can find more than 50 million textbooks on CFS. The subjects they focus on are Finance, Marketing, Biology, Accounts, Social Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Economics.

Students can get access to all Q and A posted on-site and also can ask 50 homework questions directly to an expert professor each month.

They are best but not free it will cost you $7 every month.

Slader to Quizlet

Slader is now known as Quizlet. If you are a student and looking for solved solutions then Quizlet is the best place to find solutions.

The subjects that they covered are Maths Chemistry, Economics, Physics, Biology, and History (World, European, Spanish, & US).


CourseHero is one of the best Lit Answers alternatives. It has more than 60 million study-specific courses. They are more specifically available for those students who are looking for help in their homework assignments and solutions to textbook questions.

If you have a question and looking for a solution then ask your question on CourseHero and you will get the solution within 15 minutes on average.

Their apps are available on the Play Store and App Store. More than 500K downloads alone on Play Store.

You can access the platform for free or can subscribe for $9.95 per month. For plans visit their website and search for plans.