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If you are the person who is asking the questions on Chegg or looking for the answer on the Chegg but not able to pay money for it. Then LitAnswers is made for you.

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It provides free Chegg answers within a second. All you need to do is type your question and click on the submit button.

What Is LitAnswers?

Lit Answers is the best source to get free Chegg answers. LitAnswers was founded in the year 2019 and grown very fastly among Chegg users. If you are not able to use Chegg because of any reason then you can use them to get free Chegg answers easily.

What Is Official Website

The original website of Lit Answers was but because of DMCA, their website went down within a year. And they were not able to keep active their website again.

Hence there is a fan-made website that is hosted on the domain But the problem with this fan-made website is that it is not working.

What Happened To LitAnswers?

As I said the original website went down because of a DMCA report and the unofficial website was created by some random fan.

But the website created by the fan is not really working, I mean you will not get answers from this website. You can either use Chegg directly or can go through Lit Answers alternative.

You might aware of a site known as Textsheet which is closed too.

Get Free Chegg Answers From LitAnswers Alternative

There is some other famous alternative of Lit Answers to get Chegg free answers instantly. Below them are usable for free Litanswers free? of course yes.

  • Sladder
  • CourseHero
  • StudyLib
  • SparkNotes
  • CFS
  • and others

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Lit Answers are available on Reddit?

Litanswers Reddit is not available. If you found any then they are either scam or dead.

What is the best alternative?

CourseHero is the best alternative to it.

I can access Lit Answers through proxy or VPN?

Unfortunately not you can’t do that. As the website is down from the server. proxy.

How to get free Chegg answers?

Moneyforwallet is the best source and place to get free Chegg answers.

Source: MFW (official MoneyForWallet)