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Do you know you can make money writing Erotica articles? Yes, you can. Not very famous but this industry has huge money to earn.

If you want to make money online and have the skills to write an article then this is for you. Erotica articles can be published almost everywhere where publishing articles is possible.

So let’s understand how to make money by writing Erotica articles. You can start writing erotica for money now.

What Are Erotica Articles?

The articles that are written related to love and sexual things are Erotica articles we are not going in deep what these are Erotica articles as it can lead to de-ranking this article on Google.

You can visit Wikipedia and search for Erotica, there you will find deep details.

How Much You Can Earn By Writing Erotica?

There are not many open writers who exposed their earnings but according to some comments, I can say Erotica writers can earn around $800 to $1500 per month.

$1.5K earning is average but you can increase your earning. You can earn more only when you become a pro writer, like writing articles on big news and magazine websites.

Where To Write Erotica Articles

There are many places where you can publish an article and can earn from it. The following are the easiest ways to publish your Erotica articles.

Publish the Article On Amazon

How to make money writing Kindle erotica?

If you are using Amazon then you might know that you can purchase books from Amazon Kindle. You can also sell your article here.

Some sellers published articles related to Erotica and earned a good amount of money. I saw one of the sellers has sold his book more than 1K times. He is selling books for $11 if you multiply $11 by 1000 then you will know that he earned $11K in 2 years.

Want to know how they are selling their books on Amazon then go to Amazon Kindle and search for Erotica.

Write Book and Publish

The best example of such a book is Fifty Shades of Grey. If you have read this article then you know why people purchase such books.

You can also write your Book and publish it in the market. You can sell your book on your own or contact a local book publisher.

Don’t know how to sell your Book on your own or through book publishers? Then I suggest reading ebooks from Amazon and you will understand the whole market.

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Publish Own Magazine

Writing and publishing a Magazine is easier than publishing a Book. Because most Books have big stories and Magazines are small.

You can publish your Magazines and can sell them on Facebook or blog websites that publish related articles.

Sell Erotica Articles On Youtube

You can get paid to write Erotica by publishing it on YouTube. If your Articles or I can say Story is good then YouTubers will love to publish your story on their channel.

It depends on YouTubers how much they want to pay you, they can either share in percentage or they will pay you for each story.

Following are the YT channels that can publish your stories: and

How To Write A Good Erotica Article

Do you know how to write Erotica articles? If not then I suggest reading articles from Amazon as they are worth it. If you are thinking of writing articles to just earn money only then you will not feel the story itself.

To write good stories you have to feel it first. And before publishing your article you should ask someone to read your articles

Learn How TO Start Writing Like a Pro

I am not an Erotica writer but I can suggest to you to whom to follow. Some writers published their books on Amazon on how you can become a pro writer.

Click here to visit the list of Erotica writing articles book or choose an of below.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you make money writing erotica?

Yes, you can. There are no Erotica writing jobs that you can find but you have to start by yourself.

Can one make living writing erotica?

Yes, but to make a living by writing Erotica articles you need to be good at writing articles.

Can you make money writing erotic fiction?

Anyone can make money writing erotic fiction.