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In this digital world, we are not getting enough time to sleep just because of the mobile, laptop, and works we are not getting proper sleep and the main reason is work and money. But what if I say that you can earn money for sleeping? Yes, you can get paid to sleep.

You can earn money for nothing. You are not going to become rich but yes you can earn some extra money.

Do you know how to get paid for sleeping? keep reading to know.

From this get paid for just nape method you can earn somewhere between $12,000 to $20,000 each year in that we can say in India you can earn around 2,00,000 INR.

But before knowing how to get paid to sleep you need to understand the following things.

Why Someone Will Pay For Sleep?

Data is the most important factor in today’s world. Users’ data can be misused by someone or can be utilized to provide better service or products to customers.

Users can get paid to sleep studies and create product accordingly. Mostly these studies are done by mattress companies to track users sleep habit

Is This Legit To Get Paid To Sleep

Yes, I know it is hard to believe but it is possible to earn money for sleeping. You have to keep eye on the following sites to know when there is a free spot for such jobs.

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How Much You Can Earn For Sleeping?

According to some online reports, the average earning from getting paid for sleep sites and projects is somewhere around $18,000 per year. This is from all studies and jobs you do. Mostly all these works are done only at night. But it depends on the jobs you are doing. How much do u get paid to sleep?

Jobs Where You Get Paid To Sleep

Get Paid To Sleep

There are very few places where you can earn money for sleeping and here are those sites where you can earn money for sleep.

Colorado Sleep Study

Want to get paid for sleeping? Let’s try Colorado.

If your age is between 18 to 45 then you can join this Colorado’s college sleep study. Through this research, they study proteins, hormones in your blood, muscle, fat cells, ability to think, and many many things.

Their study runs mostly for 15 days and mostly you have to wear your tracking watch and must have to visit the laboratory two times at the University of Colorado-Boulder Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory.

You can earn somewhere between $1150 to $2150. This is only for USA residents and most likely for Colorado residents.

NASA Sleep Job

Do you know get paid to sleep NASA also pays you to sleep. Many of us don’t know that but they actually pay you to sleep. Their vacancy is almost always free and most likely they pay for US residents or we can say hire volunteers from the US, German, and the UK only.

According to some reports they pay around $18,000 for each round. Each round is likely for 60 days and the age should be between 25 to 55.

Clinical Trials Sleep Study 

On ClinicalTrials is the website of a database of publicly and privately funded clinical studies that are conducted all around the world.

To find sleeping jobs you have to visit their website and search for Sleep and no need to enter the city if you don’t want to. get paid to sleep study.

Frequently Asked Question

How much can you get paid to sleep?

It depends on the study you are invited to join and if you manage to join all studies then you can easily earn around $50,000 to $70,000 each year.

How to find get paid to sleep near me?

Get paid to sleep near me jobs are not easily available on the above list.

Do firefighters get paid to sleep?

Yes, they earn for sleeping but it depends on the place you are living and the companies it held.

Can I get paid to sleep at home?

No, rarely do some companies hold such studies. You can sleep studies for money. But you can get paid for sleeping.

Can you get paid for sleeping?