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Earning money online and withdrawing it in crypto or Paypal simultaneously is a bit hard because there are very few such platforms.

Earnviv is one of them where you can make money online by completing tasks and withdrawing earnings in Crypto or your Paypal account.

There is quite good hype about the project hence I decided to bring the review for you. It is important to read Earnviv review before using the platform. Becuase every trusted-looking site is not legit.

In this Earnviv Review, you are going to learn what is Earnviv, how much you can earn, payment methods, whether it is legit or a scam, and much more to know about them.

What Is Earnviv?

Earnviv was founded in 2019 and is a rewarding site that rewards users with money for completing different tasks like faucet claiming, short links, PTC, Offerwalls, Games, and daily tasks.

It has paid out more than $726K to the users. They have several attractive methods through which you can make a good amount of money but it is withdrawable or not? We will get to know about this in this Earnviv review.

How To Join Earnviv?

 Joining the platform is very simple and easy, anyone can register on the platform. You can sign up directly using Google or you can use your email address.

You have to enter your email, username, and password to register on the platform. Sign-up and login buttons are available on the homepage.

Different Methods To Make Money At Earnvive?

There are more than 12 methods to make money on the platform as mentioned on the official website.

Daily Bonus

The simplest and easiest way on the platform is daily login and bonus. For daily login you will get rewarded coins, for the different levels reward is different.


They have a faucet that allows users to claim 5 coins every 5 minutes. You can claim up to 100 times a day. If you claim regularly then you will get the bonus on each claim.

On average your daily earnings from the faucet will be around 600 coins which is equal to $0.06

Play the Game and Earn

They have more than 100 games which you can play and make money. These games are some of the best games I have ever seen. If you are working in the office and have some free time or want to get rid of stress then you can try this.

An interesting fact that I found about the games is a bit spammy, you can open all games in different tabs, and you will still get rewarded for just opening the games.


OfferWall are those methods that can make you a good amount of money but it is a bit time-consuming, hence if you have time then you should try them.

They have 9 different offerwalls, you can try any one of them or all of them. Your earnings will get credited to your account as you complete the tasks mentioned in the offer.


They have on average 10 ads daily to complete which can lead to earning 100 coins daily. These numbers might change. Most ads will pay you 15 coins for watching an ad for 30 seconds.

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You know how to complete short links, right? They have 40+ short links to complete daily, you can earn around 765 coins daily for just completing short links.


On the Tasks page, you will find different tasks that you complete to earn the reward. Do not try to cheat them, becuase if you try to cheat then you will get banned from the platform

As of now, I can see they have 4 tasks which are paying 12000 coins in total.

Multiply Games

Wanna try your luck? Here are multiple games for you. They have found games in this category Hi-Low, Coin Flip, Wheel, Lottery,

How Much You Can Earn?

Let’s see how much you can earn.

According to some users they are making around $1 to $3 daily. Which means you can make the same amount? No, but maybe yes.

Earning on such sites highly depends on the users and the time they spend on the platform. If you spend at least one hour on the platform then you can make around $1 to $2 and if you spend more than two hours then you will make more than $4.

It means on average you will earn from $50 to $80 per month.

Download Earnviv App

Earnviv has a mobile app but for Android devices only. You will find that they have logos of both iOS and Android on their website but they have apps for Android devices only.

On Play Store they have more than 50K downloads. You can save the website to the home screen if you are using an iOS device.

EarnViv Is Legit Or Scam

Earnviv is claiming that they have been online since 2019 and on different sets, they have different ratings.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 2379 reviews. But do you know most of the reviews are paid, you can see they have paid tasks under the Task page which pays users for leaving reviews on Trustpilot.

To know the reality we are going to check negative reviews, surprisingly they have very bad ratings. Users reported that they are not getting paid, and withdrawals have been pending for last many weeks.

They have a good rating on the Play Store of 4.7 out of 5 from the 2.31K reviews. But after reading negative reviews I found that most of the positive reviews are just paid reviews like they did on Trustpilot.

After reading this review I have my conclusions which I mentioned below.


The minimum withdrawal amount is just 100 points which I think anyone can earn within a few minutes. By creating an account you will get 10 points and by playing a few games you will be able to earn the rest of the 90 points by just games for a few minutes.

I suggest trying them by yourself and making a withdrawal of 100 points first and then trying them next. Always try to withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal.