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Prime Opinion is one of the most popular paid survey platforms that just launched in recent times. You will find that many users are talking about them, some of them are recommending the platform while others are calling them scams.

Making money with online paid surveys is not hard when you get on legit paid survey sites. There are many legit and trusted paid survey sites where you simply complete surveys and get paid for them.

At we try to bring legit and trusted sites for our readers and try to review sites so readers can get an idea if the platform is legit or a scam.

What Is Prime Opinion?

Prime Opinion is an online paid survey platform that is based in the USA. It is a registered company in the name of Prime Insights Group LLC.

It is available in more than 20 countries including USA, India, Turkey, Portugal, Finland, and more. You can find surveys according to your location and you can change your location by clicking on the web logo.

Prime Opinion was launched to provide users to earn side income by completing online surveys that are not hard for users like on other platforms.

You can find a variety of payment methods and surveys from different categories. You can convert your rewards for cash, credit cards, donations, or gift cards.

As of now, they have more than 1000 paid surveys available for the USA regions. On average users can $5 per survey.

How Does Prime Opinion Works?

Prime Opinion does not offer anything new but it is similar to any other survey site. To start using the platform you have to visit the Prime Opinion website, you can use our referral link to visit the platform.

On logging in you will get a chance to select the welcome bonus amount.

After landing on the website you have to choose the region from where you belong. After choosing the region you will find the test survey which you have to complete. Also, it is necessary to complete your profile so you can get the surveys accordingly.

Now you can visit the dashboard where you can find the list of the paid surveys that you can complete and earn free rewards.

After completing the surveys you will get payment in your payment in your account. $1 is worth 1000 points.

Methods To Make Money Online On Prime Opinion

Most paid survey platforms focus on multiple rewarding methods like they do offer you to make money online by completing surveys, tasks, downloading apps, etc.

But Prime Opinion only focuses on Surveys and that’s why they can focus on paid surveys. Let’s check out the features that they have that will allow you to earn money.

Complete Surveys

Surveys are the main and only best way to make money on Prime Opinion. Surveys are nothing more than sharing your thoughts with the platform.

Just after logging in to the platform you will find the list of surveys with the name of the survey, reward amount, and estimated time.

If you are from the USA then you will probably find more than 1000 surveys which can lead you to earn up to $5 per survey.

You can filter out the list of surveys based on Short Surveys, Most paying surveys, and best-match surveys.

Join The Leaderboard

Leaderboard is the place where you can earn extra money for doing the same thing that you are doing on any other survey platform.

For different regions, earning from the leaderboard might be different. On average they have a weekly leaderboard reward of amount $1000 in the reward pool.

You must complete at least 10 surveys to be eligible for the weekly leaderboard reward.

Stick With Streak To Earn More

If you are a daily earner then you can earn extra money for doing that as well. By joining the Prime Opinion streak program you will be eligible to claim 50 to 1000 points.

To continue the streak you have to complete at least 1 survey daily for seven consecutive days.

Refer & Earn

Like any other platform, you can earn money by just referring your friends to the platform. Your reward will get credited only when your referral completes the task and makes a withdrawal.

On successful withdrawal by your friends, you will get a bonus of 100 coins.

How Much You Can Make?

Do you know how much money you can earn by completing tasks & surveys on Prime Opinion? In this Prime Opinion review you will get answers to all your questions.

Prime Opinion claims that you can find around 1000 surveys and can earn up to $5 per survey. This is correct but don’t multiply $5 by 1000 else you will think that you can earn $5000 by just joining & completing 1000 surveys.

On average surveys are paying $1.5 and they have around 20 surveys daily. But some users reported that they are making $5 to $20 daily by spending 2 to 3 hours.

Also, it is important to note that the platform claims that top earners are making $800 per month.

Prime Opinion Customer Support

Most survey sites lack in providing better customer support to the users. But Prime Opinion understands the problems of the Users and it offers the easiest ways to solve the problem of the customers.

They offer 24/7 live chat support plus you can contact them by email by filling Contact Us form. Live chat only works for the users who reached Bronze Level 5.

They also have an FAQ section on the help page which almost answers the all questions that most users ask.

Payment Methods

For different regions, they do have different payment methods. But PayPal is the payment method that is supported in every supported country.

If you are from the USA then you will find that supported payment methods are Paypal, Venmo, Amazon Gift Card, eBay, Play Store, Spotigy Premium, Uber Eats, & Walmart card.

You can also request for bank transfer but for that minimum withdrawal is a bit high. They have partnered with NORD and Red Cross so users like you can donate.

Prime Opinion Is Legit Or Scam?

To know if any platform is legit or a scam the best way is to read the reviews posted by real users. Users do use the reviewing platform to share their experiences. Let’s check out the reviews from the reviewing platform.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 4.5 out of 5 from more than 4880 reviews. It seems everything is perfect but don’t worry they have negative reviews as well which we must check.

Most negative reviews say that they are not paying the users what they deserve. Claims made by users are that the platform is paying less in comparison to the time users spend on surveys.

Prime Opinion has a mobile app as well on the Play Store and App Store. On Play Store they have a rating of 100K with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 1.68K reviews. On App Store, they have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 670 reviews.

Pros and Cons

Every platform has its own pros and cons, which is the same with Prime Opinion. They have their own pros and cons which each and every user should know before joining them.

Let’s talk about the Pros first.


  • The number of surveys is high
  • Minimum payout is very low
  • Different payment methods
  • Attractive signup bonus
  • 24/7 live chat support


  • The reward is less in comparison to the time users spent
  • Very little referral commission
  • Hard to qualify for surveys