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Are you a student and looking for online part-time jobs? Then you are at the right place. Today we are going to check the best part-time jobs that any student can do.

Students from school and college want to earn some extra money and it is not easy to choose which work you can do. Some jobs require more time to do and some pay less but it doesn’t mean there are no jobs that can generate high income.

Online jobs have no boundaries hence it doesn’t matter where you are from. Whether you are from India, the USA, Bangladesh, Australia, or New Zealand anyone can do this job.

Equipment Required To Do Online Jobs

Definitely to do any job you need some equipment that can help you to do your online jobs easily. Following are the requirements that you have but all of them are not mandatory.

  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Patience

10 Best Online Part-Time Jobs For Students

These jobs are the best but I don’t give a guarantee that this will work for you or not. Online jobs take time to start generating revenue.

Some jobs are jobs that can make you do full-time jobs.

Online Paid Surveys

Online surveys pay for your opinion.

There are many legitimate and professional sites and apps that pay their users for their opinions. If you want just some side money then surveys are the best way to start.

It will not make you rich like hell but yes it can earn you money to get a cup of coffee thrice a week or daily. It depends on how cleverly you complete those surveys and how much time you spend on them.

There are many survey sites from where you can start like EurekaSurveys (which gives $1.84 as a bonus), Rewardia, SurveyJunkie, and many more.

  • Average Earning: $100 to $200 per month
  • Time To Spend: 30 to 60 minutes daily
  • Must-Read Articles:

Tutoring Jobs

Looking for a part-time job from home for students?

Do you love any specific subjects like maths, science, language, history, or physics? Then you will love the Tutoring job for sure.

It is not what everyone can do because it requires knowledge of subjects. As a student, everyone has an interest in any specific subject which is very useful when you find Tutoring jobs.

Students can do this job any time, the best time for such jobs is from 6 to 10 PM, it is a time when you are free. It is also one of the best ways to generate passive income.

WyzantPreplyVedantu, and Chegg are some very famous platforms for teaching subjects & languages.

Translation and Transcription Jobs

You know what Translation is, right? But do you know about Transcription? Most of you may not know this. In Transcription Jobs you have to listen to audio or video files and write down spoken words.

You need to know any specific language. Most of the available jobs are in English, French, and Portuguese languages.

Translation and Transcription combined can be the best online part-time jobs for students.

You can find translation jobs on the following sites RevMTurkTranscribeMeGengo, or Unbabel

Freelance Writing

Working as a freelance writer can earn you a good amount of money some writers earn six figures. But they are professional writers or experienced ones.

As a beginner, you have to start writing on small blogs. You have to learn how to write articles, how to use keywords in them, and much more.

What you have to do is visit growing blogs and search for job pages, some blogging sites have a page where they post available jobs. If they don’t have a job page then go to the Contact Us Page (every blog has this page) and contact them asking if they are looking for a writer.

While asking for work, as a beginner, you should offer your service as low as you can ask. I would prefer $5 per article for 600 to 800 words.

Some blogging websites like ProbloggerHubpages, and Contena have always had spots for freelance writers but they hire with experience.

  • Average Earning: $5 to $30 per article
  • Time To Spend: Up to 2 hours daily
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Proofreading Jobs

Do you have an eagle’s eye?

If you are good at finding grammatical mistakes then you are good to work as a freelance editor or proofreader. You have to read documents, articles, blogs, or books and find out errors in them.

This job can increase your knowledge and skill as a proofreader and also a freelance writer.

There are platforms where you can find UpworkFreelancer, and PureContent. But if these sites don’t work then make a list of some blog sites and find out errors in them. Ask the author for that, and some of them will surely hire you.

Start SMM Panel Site

Didn’t find casual jobs for students?

Got some money in hand? Want to invest in a safe place? Then you should consider starting your own SMM panel site.

No, not every SMM site is successful but there are already many that are successful and making a good amount of money as well.

It requires some money to invest but it doesn’t require much time after success. What you have to do is offer cheap rates and do huge promotions.

  • Average Earning: Depends on Users
  • Time To Spend: Spend a whole month in developing and promoting and then spend 1-hour daily checking
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Start Blogging

Blogging is more than a part-time job. For me, it is the best online part-time job for students.

You can start as a part-time job but once it starts growing you have to spend more time and once it gets stable you don’t need to spend more time unless you want to.

Blogging requires time hence do not leave blogging if you don’t earn a single penny in a month or two.

What you need to do is search for the perfect niche, then set up a blog, search for topics, choose the best topics, search for keywords, write an article, publish it, share it, and most importantly get backlinks.

Click on the “Start A Blog” option in the menu and you will find articles related to Blogging. There are many online part-time jobs for students but I love this one.

  • Average Earning: $500 to $1000 per month
  • Time To Spend: 2 to 3 hours daily
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Search Engine Evaluator

Google, Bing, or any other search engine all depends on users’ feedback. They need to get users’ feedback to update their algorithms.

As a Search Engine Evaluator, you have to submit a form that was asked by companies, it will be asking for your experience.

Lionbridge is one of the active places to find such jobs.

  • Average Earning: $20
  • Time To Spend: 30 to 40 minutes
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Online Part-Time Data Entry Jobs

Looking for the easiest online part-time jobs for students? Do you have good typing skills? Know how to use tables and MS Office tools? Then you are best to go with data entry jobs.

If you are looking for Online part-time jobs for students without investment then this is one of them.

Data entry jobs don’t require any high skill or degree to get. What you exactly require is time and typing skills. Data entry is the process of filling information into one form or in one place on a computer and the information is taken from anywhere.

Sell Services At Fiverr

Without any doubt, Fiverr is one of the best places to sell and buy micro freelancing services.

You can offer any services from writing articles, creating profiles, translating or transcription, providing SEO services, music, video graphing, movie trailer making, assisting, or any other.

Fact: Online part-time jobs for students in Bangladesh? Do you know many Bangladeshi students are working on Fiverr?

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Online part-time jobs for students on Quora.

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Best Online Part-Time Jobs For Students At Home?

All jobs are the best but there are some jobs like Blogging which you can do from your home. As a student, you can also learn more new things from the blogging journey.

Nowadays most bloggers are students who are studying and blogging. Blogging and Transcription are the best online part-time jobs for students from home.

How Can I Get A Part-Time Job Online?

The Internet is full of opportunities to find online part-time jobs. Here at MFW, you can find different methods to make money online. You can choose any one or two methods and can start working on them.

Which Online Part-Time Job Is Best For Students?

If you are good at writing and SEO then you can start a blog, or if you are good at SEO then work as an SEO Manager or go as Content Writer if you can write quality articles.

If you can find mistakes then work as a Proofreader or if you have limited time then find micro-tasking sites.

Online Part Time Jobs For Students

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