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Freelance Proofreading jobs online are a flexible and easy way to earn money as a full-time job. Looking for part-time proofreading jobs? Then your search is over.

Since the online market is growing and websites are too demanding proofreaders are steadily increasing. Proofreading is suited to jobs for those who have eagle eyes. Those who can find out errors in spelling mistakes, grammar, or punctuation.

It is said that proofreaders are earning around $30,000 to $60,000 each year. As I mentioned in the title users can earn up to $60 per hour and it is possible to earn this money if you read the whole article.

Let’s find out how you can start your journey as a proofreader.

What is Proofreading?

In simple words, proofreading is the process of reading documents and finding errors. A proofreading job is very easy and not complex as writing one. In proofreading, you will be provided one document in which you have to find errors and submit them.

You have to know that proofreading is different than an editor. Sometimes people mix proofreading jobs with editing jobs. Editing jobs are where you can edit the article or document whereas in proofreading jobs freelance you have to find only mistakes.

Proofreading and editing jobs are almost the same you need to have almost the same requirements.

Who Can Do Proofreading Jobs

Anyone can do proofreading jobs who have a strong hand in finding mistakes. Most hirers (companies) are looking for a proofreader who is good at English.

If you are not good at English then finding a job as a proofreader in another language is not easy. Proofreading jobs remote.

What is Transcript Proofreader?

I have published an article on transcription jobs. A transcript proofreader is a process of finding errors in transcript documents. Transcript documents are mostly provided by medical and some other companies. Legit online proofreading jobs.

Having A Degree Is Mandatory In Proofreading?

Having a degree is not mandatory for proofreading jobs but it’s good to have a degree. It provides you extra benefits in getting more proofreading work.

Sometimes some companies or hirers like to hire only those who have some degree and in such a case having a degree will give you benefits. Most freelance proofreading jobs from home with no experience are best.

Freelance Proofreading Requirements and Skill

There are some basic requirements for proofreaders but each and every company has its own requirements. If you are applying for any job then you must read the requirements of each job. How to get proofreading jobs? The following is a guide for you.

Good in English

As I said most hirer is always looking for a freelancer who has a good hand in English. English is the most likely and accepted language in the online world.

You may find proofreading jobs in another language too but they are much in numbers. So knowing English would be much much better to get more proofreading jobs and earn more.

Eagle Eye

Don’t take it seriously we don’t need real eagle eyes you just need eyes like the eagle which can pick up each error perfectly. You should check documents twice because we have the human eye which can get rigged off one time.


You have to read many numbers pages and if you don’t like to read things then this proofreading job is not for you for sure. There are lots of written documents you will get to find errors.


For doing online proofreading jobs you need to have time. Sometimes people apply for such works but later they are not able to complete these works because of time. So you must have time before applying anywhere.


Sometimes companies ask you to submit your resume while joining. So having a resume is extra beneficial to getting proofreading jobs.

Proofreading Tools Must Have

These are not requirements but having these tools will necessarily help you to do your work more proficiently and easily. Let’s check out these tools now.


Grammarly is a well-known online writing assistant software. By using Grammarly you can easily find grammatical errors. Grammarly can help you to do your work very easily and steadily.

Google Docs

Google Docs or Google Documents are useful for those who have many documents to translate. You can store your documents online on google Docs without any problem.

Laptop or Computer

This is the basic, you may have one but if you don’t then you can try to use a mobile but most probably such jobs are not possibly completed through mobile devices.

You can also purchase used laptops online from the mentioned sites.

Proofreading Books

There are many proofreading books available that can teach you how to start your journey as a proofreader. Proofreading Books have lots of tips, tricks, suggestions, and many instructions which can help you to understand the whole proofreading job area. Some of them might available in PDF format too.

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies by Suzanne Gilad: This friendly guide helps you position yourself for success. Polish your skills, build a winning resume, and land the job you’ve always wanted.

The Pocket Book of Proofreading by William Critchley: Learn all the secrets of successful freelancing for publishers. This new book is a powerful guide to earning your own living as a freelance proofreader. No previous experience required, work full or part-time.

If you are finding free proofreading books then you would not find the best proofreading books but yes you will find some books.

Find Proofreading Jobs Online

There are several websites where you can find online proofreading jobs. Most likely I have mentioned only the best and most active sites where you can find works. If you think I missed any site then use the comment box to suggest to me.


Without any doubt Fiverr is one of the best freelancing platforms for newbies as well as pro freelancers. On Fiverr, you can find almost all types of digital works.

There is no registration fee so anyone can join them. You can offer your proofreading service and people or hirers will purchase your gig or service if they find your gig interesting. Best place to find freelance proofreading jobs for beginners.


Upwork is another freelancing platform that is famous for SEO jobs and including proofreading jobs. They mostly allow users who have a good profile.

Upwork claims that they are receiving more than 10,000 applications each day. And that’s the reason why you have to complete your profile. Joining is free and the fee for each job is between 5% to 20%.


Reedsy is like a marketplace where you can list your account and wait for authors to choose you. As Authors and Writers, they use Reedsy to find freelancers or proofreaders who are experts in proofreading works.

Not only proofreaders but also allow Designers, Marketing, translation, ghostwriting, and website development.

Earning of a freelancer depends on the hirer and your experience. You must connect your Stripe account in order to receive payment. proofreading jobs work from home.


Scribendi is a Canada-based company that works with Translators, Proofreaders, and Editors. It is also one of the rated and old since 1997. It is also a BBB Accredited A+ rating.

Scribendi mostly hires full-time freelancers only. They have their own requirements like having a degree is a must, at least 3 years of experience, an average proofreading speed should be 1,000 to 1,500 per hour and some more.

This is most probably for experienced freelancers. What are Scribendi’s pay rates? It is around $30 per hour.

The average earning is $20 to $40 per hour.


If you are good in study and graduated then this is for you. ProofreadingPal hires only those freelancers who as graduated from a US-based college and have a mini 3.5 GPA.

They include different writing jobs like manuscripts, academic, medical, writing, and proofreading. You must have located in the region of the USA. You have to fill out the form where you also need to submit your resume. proofreading jobs entry level.

This is for professional and experienced freelancers only. Supported countries are mainly the USA.

The average earning, according to their website, is $500 to $3000 per month.


Proofreading Services is the best for newbies and those who want to do full-time or part-time proofreading jobs. To join them you have to complete 20 minutes preliminary test, which actually takes 10 to 15 minutes. This test includes around 25 questions.

Proofreading services if for anyone and from any country in the world.

The average pay rate is $19 to $46 per hour.


Wordvice was founded in the year 2012 and serving since 2013. They have edited over 133 million words and completed over 145,000 editing orders and also partnered with more than 570 colleges and universities.

While filling application form they ask you to mention your pay rate so try to enter only such rates that can fulfill the needs of both parties. The Wordvice pay rate varies.

Allows anyone to join.

The average rate depends on the freelancers.

Click Workers

ClickWorkers is another microtask platform for translators, editors, proofreaders, and writers. The registration and joining platform is very easy. You can join the platform within a few seconds.

You have to take a small test after signing up. After completing the test you can apply for available jobs.

The average rate depends on the available tasks.

Cactus Global

Cactus Global most probably hires users from the field of degree holder. Most of their documents are related to healthcare, science, medicine and etc.  You must have a degree before applying. Proofreading jobs part-time.

According to some reviews, the average earning is around $1500 to $4000 per month.


ScribeMedia is quite known for its content writing work. Most of the time they have work for a copywriter, ghostwriter, and content writer but sometimes they have a few open positions for proofreaders too.

Hence it is worth giving it a try.


Currently, OneSpace doesn’t have open vacancies but you can subscribe to them and can wait. Until that you can try their current open position for a transcriptionist.


According to WritingJobz, they have always available work for their freelancers. As a service, they almost provide all types of writing services.

The average earning for proofreaders will be around $11 per hour. Remote proofreading jobs.


To join Scribbr you need to pass the simple quiz test. This test includes 10 questions like name and username. If you pass the quiz with 80 points then you would get to the next stage.
The basic requirements are as follows.

  • Must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Must be online for at least 10 hours per week.

Kirkus reviews

KirkusReview is another site where you can apply for proofreading jobs. If you are looking for Spanish proofreading jobs then they actually hire.

Amazon proofreading jobs

Amazon proofreading jobs are one of the parts of Amazon’s online jobs. Here you can find different online jobs that have proofreading too. They have very rare proofreading placements to keep checking if they post any.

How Much Do Proofreading Jobs Pay

According to some online reports, the average earning of proofreaders is $10 to $20 per hour and the proofreading jobs pay rate is $45,000 to $60,000.

This proofreading jobs pay rate actually depends on your skill and experience. As a newbie, you will get less pay rate but with experience, you will get high pay rates.

Starting Own Business Is Better or Applying to Others?

If you ask me then I will suggest you get some experience by working somewhere. You can join the above sites and can earn money plus can get experience.

After getting the experience you should start your own business. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are the best to start your own proofreading business.