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Want to purchase the bike for your daily work or want to get delivered food on your own bike? You might want to get your first Viribus bike.

There are many companies selling bikes but what is unique about Viribus? Why you should buy Viribus bikes? You are going to get discounts on bikes now.

In this Viribus review, you are going to get details about the platform, their bikes, source of development, pricing, and much more.

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What Is Viribus Bikes?

Viribus Bikes is an Ontario, Canada-based electric bike seller. The aim is to build trust between the buyers who want to get rides on Electric bikes.

They got the idea to build Viribus Bikes after seeing that people were getting uncomfortable with the bicycles and the safety problems faced by bicycles.

You can find bikes for all ages, they are built for children, old ages, women, and sports, and normal electric bikes.

More than 20 professional bicycle engineers working on this project to design the best bicycle or bikes for you. All bikes went through tests that checked their durability, safety, and comfort of bikes before being put on the market.

Best Viribus Bikes & Products

There are many different types of bikes and bicycles are developed by teams. For different locations and different needs, you can find bicycles there.

Let’s check out some of the best Viribus Bikes.

Mountain Bikes

Do you like to go cycling in the mountains? Then you might need bikes that can move perfectly and easily on mountains. Viribus Bikes has built a bike that can move on mountains without any problems.

Mountain bikes come in two different colors, Black and Cyan. The power used is 350W, 48V 10.4Ah lithium battery which takes 5 hours to get fully charged. You can ride for 37 to 90 miles with one single charge.

The payload capacity of the bike is 330lb and the weight of the bike is 45lb. Which makes it good for riders who put weight on their back.

Price Range:- $599 to $999


Road Bikes

Viribus has two road bikes for normal use like going to market, cycling, tuition, delivering, getting vegetables, grocery shops, and other home tasks.

Viribus 700C Flat Bar Road Bike is currently available in three different colors Pink, Orange, and Blue which will cost you $299.

Viribus 700C Vintage Road Bike is available in three different colors Gold, Olive, and White.

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The weight it can carry is 330Lbs & the weight of the bike is 29 lbs.

Price Range:- $299 & $329

Link:- get from

Viribus Adult Tricycle

This cycle is built for those who carry products with them or heavy items with them. It comes in three different colors Pink, Grey, and Green.

The weight you can carry with you on your cycle is 450 Lbs. It comes with a parking brake and band brake. This type of cycle comes in heavyweight in comparison to other cycles, the weight is 65 lbs.

Price Range:- $339

Link:- or get from

Viribus Bikes Coupon Code

You can purchase bikes from Amazon or their official website. If you are located in the USA and Canada then I would suggest going with their website or else you can choose Amazon.

If you have a coupon code on Amazon then you can enjoy a discount there. Otherwise, you can use the following codes on their official website.

  • AAE100:- Ignite the new semester with $100 off! Cruise back to campus in style with the Viribus Trio Plus Electric Tricycle. Use code: AAE100, valid until August 31st!
  • CBE100:- Limited Time Sale! Viribus Chubby 2 Fat Tire Electric Bike. Use discount code: CBE100 for $100 off. The offer ends on August 31st.
  • EBMF270:- Discover a whole new riding experience! Purchase the Viribus Getaway Plus Full Suspension Electric Folding Bike now and get an instant $70 off with discount code EBMF270!

Where Are Viribus Bikes Made?

According to their website, VIribus has an office located in Canada but some sources said that they made their bikes in hidden locations in California. I’m not sure where they do send these cycles.