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You may like to make money online by testing different websites and apps. TryMyUI is one of those websites that pays users for testing apps and websites.

If you are making money with this method then you might be aware of the site BzzAgent which is similar to TryMyUI, but on BzzAgent you get paid for testing products that you can keep also.

Many earners are talking about the TryMyUI platform but it is legit? trusted? or not? In this TryMyUI review, you will get to know how to join, trusted or not, how much you can earn, and much more.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What Is TryMyUI?

TryMyUI was founded in 2009 in Salt Lake City. It is used by users who are looking to earn some side money and app owners who are going to launch their apps.

It is a platform that connects app testers with website & app owners, users test the app and share their experience with owners. So owners can improve their apps accordingly before launching in the market.

Suppose there is an app developer who wants to launch his app in the market but is confused if his app is up to market need or not then in this situation he will ask his known friends to test and share the experience but friends are not enough because there is nothing much to explore.

Here TryMyUI comes into action, it has users from worldwide, speaking different languages, and having different preferences. App owners can choose testers according to their requirements and as a tester, you have to use the app or website and share your real thoughts with owners.

How To Join TryMyUI

Joining them is very simple and easy.

Just visit the site and click on the sign-up button, here you have to submit the form which asks for your full name, email address (email address should be the same as your PayPal email address), password, and pass captcha.

Note: Payment is sent through Paypal so you must have a Paypal account before proceeding.

Once you complete the form and submit they will ask you some questions, demographic profile related. After submitting answers platform will tell you if they are accepting users from your region or not While writing they are not accepting users from most Asian countries.

How To Join Tests

Once you sign up and your profile is accepted you don’t need to do anything except wait.

Tests come according to your profile, if you are from Australia and there are app owners who are looking for a tester from Australia then you may receive an email according to your profile regarding tests.

You have to keep checking your email because the earlier you join the earlier you get a chance to get in, it has a first come first serve facility.

They have the testing app, TryMyUI recorder, which you have to install to work on testing. The apps record your work and submit it to app owners to know what you checked while testing.

In-app, clients ask some questions for the tester to proceed, they are simple but tricky.

TryMyUI Is Legit Or Scam?

The platform has been running for more than 10 years can’t be a scam, right? (except in some cases).

Yes, TryMyUI is a legit and trusted platform where you can get paid to test apps or websites. I suggest reading other users’ reviews, what they face or feel about the platform, If you read reviews on TrustPilot then you can see it has a rating of 3.1 out of 5 from 31 users.

If you want to know if they are scams or not then you have to try the platform on your own.

They have worked with big companies like Amazon, Priceline, Bose, British Airways, NBC, and many more.

How Much I Can Earn?

TryMyUI is not a method to become rich but it can help you to get a cup of coffee for a week.

You will earn $10 for each task you complete and each task takes 15 to 20 minutes on average. If you want to earn some extra money then it is the best method to start else there are many more ways to make money online, just visit for that.

TryMyUI Alternatives

If you liked TryMyUI then you should check their alternatives or similar platforms where you can get paid to test. Below are some best alternatives.

  • UserTesting
  • TestingTime
  • UserTest
  • Amazon MTurk