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Takipcimx is a similar platform to Bayitakipci. Bayitakipci claims that you can get free like and Takipcimx does the same. But as we know Bayitakipci is a scam so does Takipcimx is also a scam or not?

Let’s check out if they are scams or not in this Takipcimx review.

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What Is TakipciMX?

According to their website, it is a simple and automatic Instagram followers provider for free. If you visit their website then you would find that they are takipçi hilesi Instagram or Instagram takipci hilesi. In simple words, they do provide followers cheat for Insta.

The website was started in the year 2019 but was available on the Internet in 2018. If you are a newbie and most probably looking for followers then you might visit them before.

TakipciMX Website

There are some fake websites roaming on the internet for many years and you might visit one of them. Anyway here is the link to Takipcimx website:

Is It A Scam or Legit?

Takipcimx is a simple site and at first, it looks safe but it is not. They do claim that users will get takipci hilesi yap. Users don’t get anything except scams.

They can either snatch your Instagram account from you or they can use it to promote their accounts and sites.

They do also do Instagram beğeni hilesi.

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TakipciMX Instagram Hile

ınstagram hile, there is no cheats and they use the lines, “Free 2399 followers cheat per day” to scam you. And they use other words like Instagram takipçi gönder.

Takipci home is also one of them.

There are some other similar websites that scam users in many different methods. Those websites are takipci Instagram, takipci ig, takipcimix, takipçiler, instakipçi, ins hilesi.


So, in the end, yes, we can say Takipcmix is a pure scam and has nothing to do with real Instagram followers.

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