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This article is specifically for women or girls who want to make some extra money by selling their undergarments online. Yes, it is now possible to make money by selling your used undergarments.

There are very limited numbers of platforms or marketplaces where you can buy and sell undergarments for money. Sofia Gray is one of them where you can start making money in exchange for your undergarments.

In this Sofia Gray review, you are going to know what is Sofia Gray, whether It is legit or not, how much you can make, how to buy or sell undergarments on Sofia Gray, and much more.

But before that would like to mention that the site mostly works in the countries like USA, UK, Canada, and in few European countries.

What Is Sofia Gray?

Sofia Gray is one of the most active and safest marketplaces to sell and buy used undergarments online. The platform was started back in 2015 by two Alex Matthews and Simon Raynsford.

They have active users from 10 countries – more than 250K users are using the platform. More than 1 million visitors are visiting the platform every month.

It is important to know that the platform is not free hence you have to pay a small amount of fee. On average sellers sell at least 8 pairs of undergarments each month.

On Sofia Gray, you don’t only sell undergarments but you can all also sell videos, pics, messages, and custom content. Plus their blog page allows you to increase your knowledge and understand how to make more sales on the platform. It will guide you more about the platform and activities you can perform.

How SofiaGray Works?

The Sofia Gray website simply allows anyone to join the platform and sell their used undergarments and services like messages and video chats.

It allows users or sellers to put their own rates on each item they put on sale on the website.

Let’s understand how it works.

Sign Up On Sofia Gray

The signup process is quite bit lengthy and costlier. Yes, it will cost you some dollars to sell your undergarments on the platform.

First, visit their website and then click on Sell Now.

Step 1 sofia gray sign up Step 1 sofia gray sign up

On this page, you have to enter your email address and password and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Click on Save & Continue.

Step 2 sofia gray sign up

On the next page, you have to provide your personal details like shop name, gender, ethnicity, age, country, what you are selling, and relationship status.

Now click on the Continue button which will bring you to the next page.

Step 3 sofia gray sign up

Now it’s time to make a payment to use the platform. They do support cards only. You can purchase 3 months or 6 months of access.

You can also use the Sofia Gray promo code or discount code to get a discount on your membership. The code you can use is PANTY10 to get a 10% discount.

Login To Your Account

After signing up you will receive a confirmation link which you have to click within 24 hours.

sofia gray sign in

Now to login into your account you have to click on the Login button from the menu. After that, you have to enter your email and password.

How To Make Money On Sofia Gray?

Making money online on Sofia Gray is quite simple and easy. But for your benefit, I will be honest with you. Sofia Gray is a quality website and the demand for used undergarments is quite good but the question is you can really make money from it?

Yes, you can but the demand for used clothes is from those women only who look hot. I mean the girl who looks more sexier are able to make more money.

Don’t think I am judging anyone but this is a harsh reality and you have to accept it. If you are good looking body then you can really make a good amount of money else you can try your luck.

Let’s follow the given below steps to check if you can make a good amount or not.

First, you have to read and check other sellers’ profiles. Yes, it is important to know how other high-rated sellers are making money.

Second, you have to set up your profile. Once you have analyzed others you will get an idea on how to get yourself sold on the platform.

Now upload your pictures with rates. This is an important step. Make sure your pictures and videos are clear and of high quality.

Your pictures should include your body the combination of both will attract more users.

The rate of items should be low in starting to get early buyers. You should not be rude to buyers because users can leave reviews on your profile. The negative profile can impact you.

How Much I Can Make On Sofia Gray?

The website claims that average sellers do sell at least 8 items per month which makes them around $450 per month. But I don’t think this is right.

In starting no sellers will be able to make this amount per month unless or until you are super hot.

But once you make your profile better and got more positive reviews then you will be able to make more than $500 per month online.

Is Sofia Gray Legit Or Scam?

At first, the platform seems legit or trusted but for me, everything is not good with them.

Let’s see what users have to say on review platforms.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 72 reviews. It is important to know that Trustpilot has deleted some of the reviews as they found them Fake reviews. Which shows Sofia Gray is trying to manipulate reviews.

On PissedConsumer, they have a rating of 1.3 out of 5 from 24 reviews. Most people or users claim that they never got any buyers for their items.

If you want to try them then you should do but personally, I don’t think you should use them.


Sofia Gray is a platform with highly mixed tend to negative reviews. I personally don’t think using any platform that charges you first is a good idea.

Instead, I would prefer to use the platform that takes a commission on each sale. There are some other articles that you can follow to make money.