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Are you someone who is pissed with switching the clean tabs and browsers to access the session from your different accounts?

Well, managing multiple accounts from a single profile is often a frustrating task also sharing the sessions without sharing a password can put valuable data at risk.

Moreover, the constant trouble of assigning projects to every tab that one of those sessions keeps you on edge of worrying about your account security but not anymore introducing SendWin a powerful chromic extension that allows you to access multiple tasks from one profile and share your sessions in one click available at an affordable price.

SendWin allows you to manage multiple accounts by enabling logins from multiple accounts on the same site simultaneously thus, it eliminates the need for any secondary browser or private session the best part is SendWin even allows you to blur the selected text or images on the webpage so, now why to be worried about data security from now only let’s take a decision to have SendWin.

The purpose of launching the SendWin was that lots of digital marketers who were struggling to manage multiple accounts hence were using a different browser PC’s to manage their work in accordance with that the proposal of SendWsin came into existence which can manage multiple accounts from one browser.

How Did The Idea Of Launching The SendWin Come

The founder of SendWin Roshan has told in his one interview that as a digital marketer he was finding it very difficult to manage multiple add accounts hence was using different browsers, PC’s thus it was impossible to manage all those things in a single browser or PC even though when he and his team searched for any tool which can do the needful was very expensive which was hard to afford for ordinary people it cost around 200$ to 300$ for 50 to 100 sessions so ┬áto keep In mind all of this stuff they launched SendWin which make their job easy using SendWin you don’t need to trouble with switching accounts

What’s New In SendWin

  • It has a blur feature by using this you can easily blur the selected texts and images on your webpage.
  • Option to select multiple sessions for the bulk sessions.
  • You can share your sessions with groups, friends without having a fear of sharing your email passwords.
  • Session different icons-add beautiful icons for sessions.
  • Extension login bug fixed.
  • Register log in bug fixed.
  • It can assign proxies automatically gives you the ability to add a proxy to every session you create

Multi Login

SendWin is a productivity tool that is developed to manage multiple accounts easily from one browser. It has some amazing features which we have listed down

  • Switch account with ease – Most frequently question asked whether one can switch accounts easily or not the answer is yes you can easily switch between multiple accounts with just one click access using SendWin.
  • Share session across devices – SendWin will help you speed up your productivity pipeline by 80% and works by 60%.
  • Multiple logins made easy – It speeds up your productivity pipeline by 80% and works by 60% using SendWin
  • Session isolation on every tab -The best part of the SendWin it can easily isolate on every tab.
  • Boost your productivity with hassle – Free multilogin inside your favorite browser

With SendWin you can boost your productivity by using a hassle-free multi-login situation.

SessionBox Alternative

With the help of SendWin, you can access all of your online accounts from one browser session, It includes a login to multiple Gmail accounts, Facebook accounts, and other websites too at the same time it also allows you to save you some favorite sessions account and most used accounts directly in your browser.

Where Can You Use It?

You can use this for affiliate marketing, E-commerce, Multi-session, Multi accounts, Social media marketing, surf anonymous, no secondary browser, etc.

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Data Stored In SendWin

SendWin supports three types of sessions local, synced and temporary each type is stored in a different place. All of them are encrypted in such a way that only the locally stored keys are able to decrypt them. Local sessions are stored in your browser index DB storage synced sessions are stored in our data store. Temporary sessions are not persisted at all.

Manage Multiple Accounts

SendWin is a tool to access all of your online accounts from one browser session. It has the ability to log in to multiple Facebook accounts, Gmail accounts, and any other website at the same time at the same browser.

This allows the easy to use interface for quick switching between different accounts previously you were not allowed to log in to different accounts in the same browser which was making your job difficult where we were first logged out of our last website and again login another website but now using SendWin you can easily use multiple accounts in the same browser at the same time.

Session Protection In SendWin

The sensitive part of your sessions is encrypted and decrypted on your device. SendWin never sends your cookies or other important data to the server without encryption. Data that are encrypted in your device can only be decrypted in your device only as it never sends the same to its server or data is always communicating through a secure connection

SendWin Data Store

SendWin stores two kinds of information it stored metadata which contains information like color, Icon, launch URL group, and some other technical some cases, it also stores cookies it is considered as extra sensitive data and handheld by extra care.

Multilogin Alternative

Without any doubt Multilogin has managed to keep themselves on top of internet for long but now its SendWin that comes with better and extra features which attracts users.

In my opinion Kameleo and SendWin is best alternative of MultiLogin. Like Multi Login Chrome extension Sendwin has also chrome extension.

Sendwin Review

before using any product and service we examine its review and decide whether we should go for that or not well, SendWin is a tool that is designed to use multiple accounts from one browser SendWin pricing starts at $2.99 per does not offer any free trial. On the basis of customers’ reviews on the SendWin website, we have listed some of its categories and the ratings which it has achieved.

You can visit Send.Win this website to know better.


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