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Whether you are a blogger, student, or teacher you might want to make sure the content you put into action is not copied. For that, most people do use Quetext plagiarism checkers.

If you have ever searched for the best plagiarism checker then you have seen Quetext in search but why it is that much popular? It is worth using? Is Quetext is a reliable source to check contents?

In this Quetext review, we are going to know everything about their platform, pricing, plans, quality of service, and alternatives. You will also find their pros and cons so do not forget to share this article if you liked it.

What Is Quetext?

Quetext is one of the highly searched and used plagiarism checker software. It is located in Kansas City. The website claims to be the #1 Plagiarism checker tool on the internet.

They have more than 5 million users worldwide and most of them are students, bloggers, teachers, and content writers. It becomes popular among users because of its free service which seems better than other platforms.

How To Join Quetext?

Quetext sign up is easier than any other platform.

Creating an account here is very simple and easy. They have two different plans free and paid only. No need to provide any personal details like documents or mobile numbers.

You can create an account simply by just submitting your email and password and the same for login. The free plan is best for small content publishers.

Quetext login takes less than a 5 seconds.

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account.

Best Features Of Quetext

Most of the tools will not tell you about their extra features because they don’t have but Quetext is what stands out from others. Following are the iconic features of Quetext.

DeepSearch Technology

The main feature of Quetext is Deepsearch Technology with the help it you can make your content checked perfectly. The feature analysis contents from the whole internet and search are being done on 10 years experience.

Deepsearch Technology detects a problem with a fuzzy match where a section of content is nearly exact but with several altered words to hide plagiarism.

Colorgrade Feedback

Colorgrade Feedback is another feature of the platform that helps you immediately to check and identify any part of the output that has been plagiarism content.

It can simply let you know which section of content is modified, cited, or removed. If you have used Grammarly then you might get familiar with this feature.

Citation Assistant

The built-in citation feature allows you to cite plagiarism paragraphs. It checks for unintentional plagiarism and quickly adds citations to your content with the help of Citation Assistant.

But citation assistant works only for upgraded members who purchased their paid plan. It automatically generations citation where it requires. Or you can manually add citations by yourself.

URL/Domain Exclusion

This feature is highly useful for bloggers or websites who want to rank in. URL or Domain exclusion feature will allow you to exclude domain or URL from your report.

Suppose you want to check this article of “Quetext Review” for plagiarism then you can use the feature to exclude our site from the report. You can use other websites for the Quetext Review plagiarism checker while excluding our site.

Quetext Membership Plans

As we know Quetext has two plans, free and paid. Free plans include features like Check 2,500 words (5 pages), ColorGrade™ Feedback, Contextual Analysis, Fuzzy matching, and Conditional scoring. There is no extra limitation on the free plan.

Another plan is paid plan which will cost you around $9.99 per month. You can check up to 100,000 words or 200 pages, DeepSearch™ Extended, Citation Assistant – MLA, APA, Chicago, Downloadable Originality Report, Custom URL exclusion, Interactive Snippet Text, and Premium support.

If you want to save more money then you can get a Quetext premium plan at cheaper rates from the following source.

Group Buy SEO Tools are the best place to get a Quetext plan at a cheap rate.

ToolsZap – 2.99 USD

SEOToolAdda – $1.59

ProSEOTools – $2.00

*Rates may get changed on these sites.

Pros and Cons Of Quetext


  • The free version is available
  • No registration requires for free checker
  • Easy registration
  • Lots of registered users
  • Unique features like DeepSearch
  • Doesn’t store your content
  • Upload multiple files for check
  • Access reports anytime
  • Exclude URL
  • Checks up to 25000 words
  • Easy to use platform


  • Free service is limited
  • The free plan doesn’t include deepsearch feature
  • No annual plan
  • Only 3 free searches for free users
  • No export of report

Best Quetext Alternatives

Following are the best Quetext alternative websites that you can try instead of Quetext.

How To Use Quetext For Free

Is Quetext free? Yes, it is.

To use the free version you simply need to register on the website and you are free to use the free version but it comes with some limitations.