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Are you an advertiser who planning to advertise his website or platform on PTCShare or you are an online earner who planning to make money online by completing simple tasks? Then PTCShare might be your best place to start.

PTCShare is a simple and small site in the PTC world hence your earning will be less in comparison to any other methods you can choose for earning like blogging, youtube, and Instagram.

If you have used Paidverts then you will find that PTCShare is similar to it they have similar features like Paidverts like BAP, PTC ads, activation, buying ads, etc.

If you are able to make money on Paidverts then I will only suggest you use this platform.

What Is PTCShare?

PTCShare is a PTC (Paid To Click) site where you can earn free money online by completing multiple tasks like viewing ads, watching videos, Offerwalls, Games, and much more.

It is widely used by Advertisers who want to advertise their earning sites at cheap rates and it is also widely used by online money-making users.

It is focused earners who want to earn money by completing simple tasks like viewing ads.

You should know that the team behind PTCShare has worked as a team member at Paidverts.

PTCShare Sign Up & Login

The signup process is quite simple and easy to sign up on PTCShare you have to visit their registration page from here. On the Signup page, you have to enter details like Username, Password, and Email.

PTCShare Sign up

After registration, you will get a confirmation link which you have to open to get logged in to your account.

Login is also simple just a simple email and password are required to log in.

For login, you will get daily BAP bonuses which will increase your level as well.

How To Make Money On PTCShare

There are multiple ways to make money on PTCShare let’s dig into it.

PTC Ads aka Paid Ads

The main and popular ways to make money on PTCShare are Ads or View Ads. The more ads you will view the more ads you will get to view which directly increases your earnings.

First, visit the View Ads page then click on View Ad it will open the advertised ad or site on the same page, after solving the captcha timer will start and when the timer competes your reward will get credited to your account.

You can choose to view the next ad or close the window to go to the dashboard.

Similar to Paidverts, you need to earn more BAP (Bonus Ad Points) in order to increase the number of ads and your profile levels.


OfferWalls is a place where you can find different offers or tasks that are offered by third-party platforms. You can earn a huge amount of money by completing tasks.

As of now, there are more than 20 tasks available to complete which can let you earn around $80.

To access OfferWalls you need to reach their minimum requirements, you need to view at least 50 ads in the past 7 days or make a purchase of BA worth $10


They have PTCWalls powered by ClixWall. Here you will find PTC ads where you can view ads and make money by doing it.

Not only ads you can also make money by completing offers and completing Task.

PTC Grid

In Click Grid ads you will find 409 x 409 tiles or a grid where you have to click on each tile and view the ad by clicking on each tile. You get 20 chances daily.

Refer and Earn

Like any other PTC site, PTCShare allows you to earn by referring someone. You get three links one is for the homepage link and two splash links.

They also have banners that you can use to promote them on their website.

From your referral, you will earn a 7% commission on ad purchases.

3% on ad clicks and from other earnings.

You can join using our links to support us.

How Much You Can Make?

It is not hard to predict your earning but predicting the exact amount is not possible. If you spend on viewing ads only then your earning will be less but if you use all their methods then your earning will be high this includes Offerwalls as well.

The earning will be around $30 to $50 per month by spending 30 to 60 minutes daily on viewing ads only but if you choose to complete offerwall tasks then you will earn around $100 to $150 per month by spending 1 to 2 hours daily.

Supported Payment Methods

There are very limited withdrawal methods available currently you can withdraw your earning to your Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, and Litecoin accounts.

Buy Ads On PTCShare

This is the best for advertisers as they offer less cost and more effective advertising packages. For View Ads it all starts at a cost of $1 rate depending on a timer and the number of ads, Bulk Ads where 50 user visit for up to 30 seconds, Fixed Ads where you can get up to 40,000 unique views daily for $3, and last plan in which your ad will appear on the login page where it will be last long 15 seconds and can get up to 40000 views for $4.

Pros and Cons Of PTCShare


  • Lots of ways to make money
  • Different payment methods
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted as it is managed by trusted people


  • Low earning rewards
  • Slow earning methods hence time-consuming
  • Bad in providing customer support
  • Hard to move the interface
  • Time-consuming
  • The help page is broken

PTCShare Is Legit Or Scam

PTCShare is a legit and trusted platform but it is not worth spending time on as it is time-consuming, you can earn money but for that, you have to spend lots of time.

To make up to $200 per month from this site you have to spend at least 3 hours daily and still, it doesn’t guarantee this amount of earnings.

Some of the links are broken which shows how bad the team is in managing the website.

In my conclusion, I can suggest you do not use them unless or until you want to advertise your website.