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At we always try to help our readers. This time we came up with the PSSKills Review article. In countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameron people are very interested in PSSkills.

Definitely, people want to earn money and this website offers the same hence people are excited about the platform. It offers different ways of earning free money.

In this PsSkills Review we are going to check if they are legit or scams, what is PSSkills, how much you can earn from PSSkills, and much more to know about it. Let’s start our review now.

What Is PSSkills? What Is Primeshares Skills?

PsSkills is also known as Primeshares Skills. It is an online Nigeria-based skills acquisition service provider and it helps publishers and creators to get connected with each other for their high-quality ebooks.

It is a website where users can buy and sell ebooks, also it is a online skills acquisition center and a digital intermediary that links publishers and creators of high quality eboks to customers.

It was launched in 2023 as mentioned on website but in reality they are there since last 2 years. There are nothing to share about their team members as nothing has mentioned on their website.

The offered skills can be utilized by any registered users from their account or dashboard, depending on your skills set and criteria meet.

You can also make passive income through their affiliate links by sharing the skills to other non registered users. You can earn commission on selling ebooks and skills.

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How Does PSSKills Works?

PsSkills or Primeshares is not hard to use and it is very easy to use. But it costs users to sign up and use the platform. As all new users need to purchase coupon code from already registered users.

Once registration sis completed users can access the dashboard and can move here and there to make money.

The mentioned earning methods are quite simple but it is bit hard at same time as it looks like a ponzi schemes which are biggest scam till date.

Also they have referral system where you can make money without wasting time or promoting  mentioned products.

PSSkills Is Legit Or Scam? Primeshares Is Legit Or Scam?

PSSkills is scam website and there are many reasons why I call them scam. In this part of PSSkills review article you will get to know why I am calling them scam.

Lots Of Ads: Site or platform that offers earning opportunities to users doesn’t spam their website with lots of ads. The problem with them is that they are showing lots of spam which is really bad sign.

Anonymous Owner: Who is running PSSkilss? Unknown person right? No one knows who is behind PSSkills website. You may not want to put your money in such website whos founder is unknown.

No Legal Earning Methods:- There is only main method to earn money but it is not safe as well. It is just affiliate marketing platform.

Fake Ads: They are not just showing lots of ads but also most of ads are asking you to download app which may contain viruses or malware.

Here is the website:

There are many legit website where you can earn more money and in safer way. I don’t’ suggest to try this platform as it involves fake ads as well.