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Making money online through Content Locking Network is not easy but there are some easy-to-use Content Locking Network that allows you to optimize your platform or website

You might find many OGAds reviews on the internet but most of them are outdated or don’t provide accurate or correct information.

Here I am bringing you my honest OGAds reviews that will allow you to know every possible detail about the platform like what is OGAds, how much you can earn, how to apply, whether they are legit or not, and much more.

What Is OGAds?

OGAds is a desktop and mobile-based content-locking network that allows publishers to drive traffic to their content through OGAds and when users go through OGAds they complete some tasks for which publishers earn money.

These tasks are like installing apps, completing surveys, submitting emails, subscribing to social media, and so on.

On OGAds, advertisers do come and pay OGAds to advertise their product or website o the platform, the platform takes some % and shares some % with publishers.

Most publishers are monetizing their blogs and websites. You might have seen such content locker on premium websites or movie downloading sites.

They pay you for every action performed by your visitors.

How To Join OGAds? Step by Step

To join them as an advertiser you need to contact them which is a different project, here we are talking about publishers.

If you want to join them as a publisher you need to go through their sign-up and verification process.

Sign Up

First, click on the signup button from the home page, and you will get to the following page.

ogads sign up

On this page enter information like username, email, and password. Now click on the Next Step button.

address information ogads

You are now on the address information page here you have to enter all the details that are asked here.

After filling in the address details click on the Next Step button which will bring you to the Questions page. Here you have to provide information like traffic sources, what you know about OGAds and contact information.

In general information, they will ask you where you got to know about them, paste the link to this article.

OGAds register

After submitting these details, you have to accept the terms and conditions and complete the captcha.

Wait For Approval/Rejection

Once you applied by submitting the above form you will receive an email containing the following message.

To kick things off, we just need to do a small review of your account information that you’ve provided to us, and then your account will be activated. This should take no longer than 12 hours.

You will receive a reply within 12 hours, whether your account will get rejected or accepted. In case your account got rejected and you believe that you have legit traffic and can really generate revenue through your website then you can contact them through mail.

How To Make Money On OGAds

There are two major methods you can use to make money through OGAds.

Activate Content Locker

This is the main feature of the platform and this is what they are known about. OGAds is originally a CPA network that offers Content locker ads that you can use to monetize your content.

You can lock website contents, files, documents, videos, eBooks, and more. And when you put these lock files online and user do complete a task through your ads. You will earn on every task you will complete.

This task includes downloading apps, completing surveys, rating products, making in-app purchases, getting services, cards, etc tasks.

Direct Offers

OGAds also offers direct marketing of links through which you can share offers directly using your link and can ask your visitors to complete offers.

In this, you don’t need to implement any code on your website or don’t need to stop your visitors from accessing the website contents.

Simply, copy the link, share it with visitors, and let them complete offers, you will get paid.

Payment Details

The platform is running for last many years and they keep adding different payment methods which can benefit users.

Also, they try to make payments as fast as possible which I got to know from their publishers.

As per the website, they make payments on the basis of NET 7. The supported payment methods are Paypal, Payoneer, WIRE, USDC, ACH, Check, & Crypto.

OGAds Customer Support

They do not provide live chat options but they provide fast customer support. The only way to contact them is by mail, “[email protected]”.

OGAds Mobile App

Yes, they do have a mobile app as well which will allow you to access your account from anywhere. You can also create content lockers and access everything that you can do from your account.

Already been more than 10K times downloaded on the play store. The app is also available on App Store as well.

Pros and Cons

Let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of OGAds.


So why people should use them? Following are the advantages that make them usable.

  • Easy and free to register.
  • Lots of active offers and earning opportunities.
  • Different payment methods
  • Available everywhere
  • One of the oldest and high-paying CPA networks.


The reason why you should not use OGAds.

  • The minimum payout is a bit high which is $50
  • Withdrawal is done by automatic no manual payout
  • More income equals more earning
  • You must need to have huge traffic

OGAds Is Legit Or Scam?

OGAds is a 100%  legit CPA and Content Locking Network. Let’s see what their users have to say about them the best way to know this is by reading reviews online.

They have a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 13 reviews on TrustPilot. Most of the reviews are positive and negative reviews are negligible.

On FoxyRating they have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 3 reviews. One of the users has also posted their payment proof as well.

On AffPaying, they have a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 181 reviews. Most of the reviews are recently posted and seem legit. Almost more than 10 people posted their payment proof.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why do you want to work with ogads?

They will ask you this question while applying, the simple answer to the question is, I want to make money online using the platform and mention your idea.

Who is the founder of OGAds?

OGAds founder and CEO is TOM Voitik. It has a headquarters located in Illinois, USA.

What are the best OGAds alternatives?

The best OGAds alternatives are CPX Research, CPAGrip, CPALead, FireAds, and more you can find here. You can find more articles related to CPA and CPL networks here.