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If you are reading this then most probably you know the benefits of breast milk. Hence here I am only sharing the list of sites where you can earn money online. And also share a guide on how to sell breast milk.

So let’s begin.

Selling Breast Milk Is a Good Idea or Not?

How it can be a bad idea? Yes, it is the right option to earn money online. If you are capable and think it doesn’t create any problem for you or your family then you should go for it.

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How to Sell Breast Milk?

To sell breast milk you need to find the best platform for it first. Else another method to sell breast milk is to find a family that needs milk for a newborn baby.

How Much I Can Earn?

If you manage to sell your milk to someone who is rich then you can earn more than selling to normal users. There are some sellers who are selling breast milk for around $3 to $5 each ounce. You can easily manage to earn $5 to $15 each day.

Where To Sell Breast Milk?

There are many websites and methods to sell your breast milk online. Here I am going to add only trusted and most used platforms & methods. Most of the sites are for the United States, but in case you are looking for other countries then go to Google, and search for local milk banks.


OnlyTheBreast was founded in the year 2015. They are mentioned on various news sites like Wired and many others.

Only The Breast is a classified site like Craigslist where women can go and sell their milk and buy milk. They have various categories like bulk, zero to two months, and two to six months.

You can receive payment through Paypal. It is used by many scammers too so make sure you received payment before selling to someone.

Human Milk Banking Association Of North America (HMBANA)

If you are from North America and interested in donating Breast milk then this is the best site to sell (I mean donate) breast milk. They do work with local Milk banks.

HMBANA is the trusted site to donate milk in America. Recently they started working with Canadian banks.

Mothers Milk Cooperative

MothersMilkCoop is one of those websites that allows you to sell Milk for money. You can receive payment after selling your milk.

This organization helps various banks and individuals to purchase breast milk online.


HelpingHandsBanks helps you to sell milk and pays you money. Once you apply you have to wait for up to 5 days to hear back from them.


Whether you want to buy or sell your breast milk you’ve come to the right place! BreastFeedingMomsUnite is the leading breast milk marketplace, bringing together buyers and sellers. Become a free member and start listing your breast milk for sale within minutes. Manage your ad from your personalized dashboard.

How To Sell Breast Milk Locally

To sell breast milk locally you need to visit the milk bank. Or you can find local families who are seeking milk. The other best method is to sell milk to bodybuilders.

Is It Legal To Sell Breast Milk?

As for now, while writing this article there is no such law that restricts anyone from selling breast milk online or offline. Sites like eBay and Amazon are most of the easiest sites to sell milk.

So, yes, you can sell Breast milk online.

Test Before Selling 

There is affordable lab testing that you can use to test. AccessLabs is the site where you can find custom labs.

Sell breast milk online

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