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Twitter is another giant social media platform with more than 206 million daily active users worldwide. These members are monetizable but do you know how to monetize them? Or do you know how to make money on Twitter?

Making money online is all about fun and making money with Twitter is more fun as you will learn interesting ways to make money and learn more things about Twitter itself.

Either you have your own blog or not but still, you can make money with Twitter and can make plenty amount of money.

Let’s get started.

Who Can Make Money On Twitter?


Any person can make money on Twitter. You just need to have a Twitter account and decide which method you like to use to earn money from Twitter.

6 Best Ways To Make Money On Twitter

It’s better to know the best and simplest methods to make money on Twitter than talking about something else. Let’s check out all those methods here.

Post Sponsored Tweets

Twitter accounts with huge followers are making money from their sponsored Tweets. It is the easiest way to make money on Twitter as you don’t need to work hard on it. Just post a Tweet and get paid for it.

There is the website which allows you to connect with brands or advertisers who are looking for Twitter, Facebook, Website, YT, and Insta influencers.

Once you get huge followers brands will contact you and you don’t need to contact them. Just keep your Twitter account active.

Sell Products

This is what affiliate marketers do.

You can either sell your own merchandise or can join affiliate programs and promote the product links. Whenever anyone purchases a product through your link you will earn a commission from it.

Don’t know what is Affiliate marketing then read this article and here you can find a list of the best affiliate marketing platforms as well.

There is no limit on having followers sometimes fewer followers can also generate more revenue than an account with huge followers. It’s all about timing, product, and user target. If you know when to post, what product to choose, and what is your audience then you can generate good revenue by selling products.

Offer Twitter Services

Have expertise in Twitter? Then you should immediately start selling your service. Monetizing your knowledge with Twitter can make you earn some money

Like you can create your own website where you offer services. Nowadays SMM Panels are working well.

You can also sell your service through Fiverr. For example, promoting others’ Twitter account, sharing links on your profile, giving followers, or any other that you can do.

Click here to join Fiverr or click here to read an article on how to make money with Fiverr with & without skills.

Promote Local Business

Local businesses are always looking for ways to expand their business and you can be their pathfinder in this.

For example, you can go to the local shop and ask them to collaborate with you. You will promote their business by holding contests on Twitter where your followers will do tasks like tagging friends or retweeting. In exchange for that, you will choose one random winner who will get a coupon code for a local shop that you collaborated with.

By this you will get money from local shops and engagement from your followers, the local business owners will get exposure and customer, and followers will get some free stuff.

Bring Traffic To Your Website or Youtube Channel

Got your own website or Youtube channel? Then there is no other better method to get free traffic except social media.  Social Media is full of free traffic it just needs targetting mind.

Publish an article copy down the article link and share it on your Twitter account. You can also link your Twitter account to your website to get followers. In this way, you will get free traffic from Twitter and followers from your website.

You can also promote your Youtube channel in the same manner.

Twitter Media Studio Monetization

Do you know you can monetize your Twitter videos? Maybe you don’t, click here to know more about Media Studio Monetization by Twitter.

The reason why we did not add this method on top is that it pays very little. You can expect more revenue from the above-mentioned methods than this one.