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Most of us have used or using Google Chrome for daily browsing searches. The device which you using for searching on the web. In starting it might work fast for you but later the speed of Chrome becomes bad.

And there are many reasons for it.

If your device is not working fast or facing an issue with Chrome then you should follow given below methods to solve your problem.

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How To Increase Download Speed In Chrome Andriod/Desktop/iPhone

Whether you are using an Android device Desktop device, or an iPhone you can use the given methods to increase download speed.

Method 1 – Update The Chrome

Most people do not update their apps and it is one of the major reasons why their apps and phone get hung. Chrome claims that by using the latest version of the app users can feel the faster speed.

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Method 2 – Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading means Chrome established multiple connections to the server. It downloads files in part and combines it at the end.

Note:- This method may result in losing your Google Chrome data.

Follow the below steps to enable Parallel downloading.

  • Open Chrome and search “Chrome://flags”
  • The experiments page will open
  • Now search for “parallel downloading”
  • Enable parallel downloading by clicking on the default
  • Click on Relaunch and now you are all set to use parallel downloading

This trick might not work for everyone but most people found this useful.

Method 3 – Turn On Data Saver

  • Turn on Data Saver
  • Go to setting
  • Scroll down and choose Data Saver
  • Turn on and enjoy

Method 4 – Clean The Cache

By cleaning the cache you are removing unnecessary burden from the app. It helps to increase speed but it is temporary.

Method 5 – Stop Chrome From Running In Background

  • Go to setting
  • Move to advanced
  • Then click on System
  • If “Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed” is On then toggle Off.
  • If “Use hardware acceleration when available” is On then toggle Off it.
  • Now relaunch and enjoy

Method 6 – Disable Plugins

The fewer plugins you use the more speed you will get. So go to Plugins and then Extensions, now disable those plugins that are not for use.

Method 7 – Clean Browser History or Data

The best method is that you can clean history and browsing data, if you are using Desktop then click CTRL+H, then click on Clear Browser Data. On next page you can choose the data which you want to delete.

I would prefer browsing history and Cookies.

Method 8 – Close Unused Tab

You can delete unused tabs to save time and resources which will help to increase the speed of your Chrome browser.

Method 8 – Check For Viruses

If you are still facing speed issues then there can be only one reason and it is a virus. Your devices might be infected by malware. You have to use the proper antivirus for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase the download speed in Chrome?

You can follow the above methods to increase download speed in Chrome.

How to increase download speed in chrome using cheat engine?

CheatEngine doesn’t work for Chrome browsers in 2021.

How to increase download speed in Chrome Windows 10?

It doesn’t matter which version of Windows you are using, just follow the given tips.

How to increase download speed in chrome android?

Most of the above steps are for Android devices.

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