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Did you know that Amazon gives you free products? Yes, it does.

Most of us may don’t know because it is not hyped. But you can indeed become an Amazon reviewer and get free products.

You can also earn money for your reviews and get products too. In this article, you are going to learn every possible method through which you can earn free money or products for your reviews.

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What Is the Amazon Vine Program?

Amazon Vine is an official program launched by Amazon to promote honest reviewers on Amazon. Vine invites honest reviewers on Amazon to post their reviews on new and pre-released products. This helps customers before purchasing those products.

Amazon provides Vine members with free products that have been proposed by vendors to the program. It is a fully independent opinion of the Vince Voices.

It is based on invitation, if they invite you then you are a lucky one to get in.

What do you have to do to join the Vine program? As you know it is invite invite-based program, you just need to keep posting helpful reviews.

You should avoid short reviews, biased reviews, fewer reviews, and such reviews that look bad. Instead of it, you have to keep posting reviews on specific categories in a structural way.

Why You Should Be an Amazon Reviewer?

The main question is why you should become an Amazon Reviewer.

It is money that we care about and it should be.

Money: You get a chance to earn some side money, no you are not going to earn hundreds of dollars each month but you can manage to earn enough money.

Discounts: Products or brands promote reviewers with a discount or coupon codes for their helpful reviews.

Free Items: As a reviewer, you can get a chance to receive free products for review by vendors. It is not happening always but it happens.

How To Become An Amazon Reviewer?

Becoming an Amazon reviewer is easy when you know it. So how to become an Amazon reviewer? Follow the below steps to start your journey.

Create Your Amazon Account

Most people create accounts and just start purchasing products, but you have to fill out your profile and make it look perfect.

After creating your account go to the Account option and then choose Profile. You can see your profile page looks empty. Edit your profile page and submit your general details like name, profile pic, bio, links, occupation, and other details.

This is the most important part of becoming an Amazon reviewer.

Choose One Category

Choosing one category is not much important but it helps you to understand more about one product. Vendors can understand that you know specific category products.

You are free to choose more categories.

Write a Long and Helpful Review

Short reviews are not helpful if you purchased a mobile phone and you post your review ” this mobile phone is very good” then it will not help others and for sure Amazon will not approach you to become a reviewer.

Hence you have to write a long review including pros, cons, images, and benefits, if you get scammed then tell that as well. In short, you have to post-structural review.

Gain More Votes

If your reviews are helpful then other customers will surely give thumbs up to your review. Customers do get two options on every review, mark it as helpful or not.

Check if your review is getting more and more helpful votes or not if not then try to improve your review.

4 Places To Find Amazon Reviewer Jobs

There are different methods through which you can become a reviewer.


CashBackBase is one of the best sites to get Amazon products with up to 100% discount. This platform only works for the USA, UK, and Italy.

What you have to do is just register on their website, and choose the products you want to get there are some products with 100% cashback, after that click on “Hunt on Amazon” purchase the product, submit details and that’s all.

The vendor will ask you to post your review and then you will get your cashback within a few days plus the product as well.


AMZDiscover has more than 30K registered Amazon reviewers. You can also become one by just filling out this form which is based on approval.

Once you get approved you can start receiving mail from vendors who are looking for paid reviews.

Website Link:


SnagShout is similar to Cashbackbase, here you can find products of up to 100% discount or products with coupon codes as well. Vendors do create their page where they ask for tasks to do for reviewers.

Amazon Vine Reviewer

Amazon reviewer job is not easy.

Vine reviewers get a chance to free products for their reviews but it is not easy, for this you have to keep posting helpful reviews.

As you know it is based on invitation then there is less chance you get enrolled but still, you should try them. What else can be better than receiving free products?

Some claim that there are some Amazon Vine Forum that can help them but there are none.


Amazon reviewer job is not for everyone, those who have usually used Amazon and have free time can use methods to earn money online and to get free products.

I do not recommend joining the Vine program, instead of that, you can join other websites where you can directly get paid for your review like CashBackBase.


How to become a reviewer for Amazon?

The above methods are followed to help you to become a reviewer for Amazon.

Amazon reviewer is a high-paying job?

No, it is not any high-income-generating job. You can make some side money but still, you need to earn from a job to run your life.