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If you are reading this article then you might want to try out Fiitgshop. Right? If you want then you should know about the website before making any order.

Many websites sell custom baseball jerseys and FiitgShop is one of them.

In this FiitgShop Review article, we will get to know about whether they are legit or scams, their presence on the internet, customer reviews, and their platform.

What Is FiitgShop?

Fiitgshop is an online shop for custom jerseys and authentic uniform sellers. The website claims to have been active since last more than 15 years and has worked with large companies, groups, sports teams, individuals, and small businesses as well. But they didn’t share the name of any brand that they worked with.

It allows its users to create their designs or choose designs that are already available on their website. They cover almost all types of jerseys and teams.

It claims to be one of the high-quality athletic apparel made from top-quality fabrics. They believe you won’t find a better range of products or services and support anywhere.

FiitgShop Customer Support

Customer support is the most important part of any website for any customer. And the customer does like to use platforms only that provide better customer support.

You can contact Fiitgshop’s customer support team using their “contact us” page by filling up the form. Or you can contact them on their phone at (252) 696-4655. They have an email address at “[email protected]”. The team will be in touch within 24 hours as claimed on the website.

Fiitg Shop Is Legit Or Scam?

I came to know about this platform from one of the advertising network sites regarding promoting the platform.

I believe it is a scam or phishing site that scams its customers in many ways.

Following are the reasons why I think it is a scam website and you should stay away from them for the following reasons.

1. Domain Registration: Their website claims that they have been active since last more than 15 years but their domain registration shows something else. The domain was registered on 03/05/2020.

2. Company Office: It claims to be a USA-based company but the domain WHOIS shows it is China-based.

3. Customers Report: Customers reported that the jerseys or products they receive are highly charged and quality is also very poor.

4. Fake Marketing: The website claims that they are seen in big media houses but it is not true and they are not even mentioned in any small media platform.

5. Copycat: Yes they have copied the whole website from somewhere (I can’t share links) and hosted it on Shopify.

Should I Buy Products From Them?

In my opinion, you can avoid them, someone is just creating a random site on Shopify and trying to sell products from other shops at a high rate by showing huge discounts.

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