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Love to sell your Feet pics? Want to make money by selling your feet pictures? You may want to try FeetFinder.

FeetFinder is loved and used by feet pic buyers and sellers. It is one of the very famous places to sell feet pics, Feetfinder is in the top 10 best websites to sell feet pics online.

In this article, I am going to review FeetFinder and you will find all questions related to it. You should be aware of the platform before using it.

To get a summary of this article check out the Table of Contents below and you will understand what we are going to discuss in this FeetFinder Review.

What Is FeetFinder?

FeetFinder is an online marketplace where anyone can sell or buy feet pictures, videos, or custom feet content. It was founded in the year 2019 in Seattle, WA, and become very popular among feet lovers.

As of now, the website claims that they have more than 700K registered users looking for buyers or sellers.

It is heaven for feet pic sellers and buyers as they take care of the security of users and offer a method to earn money by selling feet pics.

FeetFinder only allows users to upload pictures related to feet only and not others, just like InstaFeet. But you should know that Instafeet is not active anymore

Who Can Use FeetFinder?

Any person whose age is at least 18 or above can use the platform to buy and sell content.

As a seller you must provide a valid ID for verification, only verified users can upload content, send messages, and edit their profiles.

For verification, you have to take a photo of your government ID and one photo as a selfie with your ID. Once you submit your verification docs team will check and verify, and only after that can get approved or disapproved.

If you are a buyer then you simply need to add your card and nothing else.

FeetFinder Is Free To Join Or Not?


If you are a seller then you have to purchase their subscription to sell and interact with buyers. ID verification is mandatory for sellers purchasing subscriptions too.

You can purchase a subscription for one month for $3.99 or you can go with an annual subscription for $14.99. You are allowed to cancel this subscription at any time.

Buyers don’t have to purchase any subscription, they are free to join but to purchase images, you have to pay the seller’s price.

How to cancel the feetfinder subscription?

How To Join FeetFinder?

Joining the platform is very simple, the registration process is also very simple for both buyers and sellers. But sellers have to verify their account which takes a few days.

First, visit their website, and there you will find the Sign-Up and Login button on the top of the homepage.

feetfinder sign up

Now it will ask you to sign up a buyer or seller, you have to choose the second option, as you are going to sell your feet pics.

creating account on feetfinder

Now on the next page, you will find another message regarding subscription click on Continue and you will land on the signup form.

feet pic seller sign up

After submitting all this information in the form you will be able to access the platform but not able to upload your images till the team approves your account.

You have to wait for a few days, likely it take 2 to 5 days.

How To Make Money Using FeetFinder

Feetfinder has a simple method of making money, sellers upload their feet pics or contents and buyers buy those contents.

When buyers buy those contents sellers do earn money and it can be withdrawn.

You can not only sell Feet content but you can also make your own fan followers hub which you can use to invite them to your content account on OnlyFans where your followers will buy other content than Feet.

FeetFinder only supports Feet content hence you can drive your followers on sites like OnlyFans to sell other content like videos and chat.

Your profile Bio on FeetFinder plays an important role in increasing your sales. Below are some FeetFinder Bio Examples,


There are more profiles you can follow, just check out them on the platform. You can use feet finder bio examples.

How Much I Can Earn?

At first, you have to understand that FeetFinder takes 20% of your earnings and you receive 80%. Suppose someone buys content worth $100 then you will get $80 and the rest of $20 will be taken by platform.

The more subscribers you get the more earnings you will get. On average new sellers do charge around $5 whereas experienced and established sellers do charge $15 to $80 per picture or content.

FeetFinder Is Legit Or Not?

The main question is FeetFinder legit or not? It is safe to share images here?

While looking for Feetfinder reviews on Google you will find different perspectives from users, so how to know if Feetfinder is legit or not and whether it is a safe site to upload your images or not?

As of now, it is listed on the Trustpilot reviewing site.

On TrustPilot they have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from more than 1100 reviews.

When you read negative reviews you will find that most of the sellers are unhappy with their platform because of no sales. They say that there are no buyers, which in my opinion happens sometimes, when there are 30 buyers and 50 sellers then there are chances that you will not get picked up. You have to try again and again.

FeetFinder is not listed on BBB.

How To Delete FeetFinder Account?

If you don’t want to use the platform anymore then you can delete your account which is very easy and simple to process.

To delete your account you have to log in to your account first and then click on your profile, you will find the Delete Account button.

Delete Feetfinder account

Once you choose the Delete Account option you will get a notification or warning, saying “Deleting your account will remove all your data permanently“. Once you click on OK your account will get deleted and now all your information from the site is removed including KYC.

What Are The Best Alternatives Of Feet Finder?

Here on Moneyforwallet, we have published another article where we added more than 10 websites where you can sell feet images online and earn money from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s check out some frequent and important questions that are asked by sellers and buyers.

Is There Any FeetFinder App?

No, currently there is no app for Android or iOS devices, you can use it in your browser only.

How Does FeetFinder Work?

It is a simple process, you upload a pic the buyer buys it and you get paid.

How I Can Receive My Payment?

To withdraw your earnings you need to have a Paxum account if you are not living in the US and if you are from the USA then you will receive payment using SegPay.

Is FeetFinder Worth It?

Yes, if you have some buyers.