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Have a specialist in Physics subject and want to utilize it? Or want to solve physics problems and earn money? Here in this article, I am going to show you a website where you can earn money by solving physics problems online.

There are many methods to make money online and earning money by solving physics problems is one of them. Some websites allow anyone to join them and solve physics problems.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, anyone can earn money by solving online physics problems.

Let’s check out them one by one.

5 Sites TO Earn Money By Solving Physics Problems Online


We are putting Studypool in the first place because of its legitimacy and earnings. StudyPool is a micro tutoring website where more than 12K students are actively asking about their problems.

As per the website, the highest active members are generating around 6-figure revenue, and per site’s highest earner has earned more than $500K.

You can earn money by solving questions, earning will be $5 to $10 on average from each question.

You can join them by clicking on the sign-up button but to start earning you have to complete a 30-minute application test. Make sure you have enough skills in the subject before applying for an online Physics problem-solving job.

Platform Fee: 20% of your earning

How much you can earn? Average earnings will be $5K to $8K per month.


IdeaConnection has more than 20K and more expert solvers from more than 180 countries. They have worked with companies like Nike, Pepsico, Argos, Dannon, and many more.

Most of their questions are related to big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, electrical, mechanical, chemical, medical, nanotechnology, virtual reality, etc

Platform Fee: Not available

How much you can earn? The average earning will be $5K.

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Study.Com is an online learning and study platform where users and teachers both love to ask questions and solve problems.

They are always looking for online tutors who are good in any specific subject. You can check if they are looking for a physics tutor or expert or not. You will find online physics problem-solving jobs here.

After submitting the application form you have to wait for approval which may take 24 to 72 hours.

Platform Fee: Not available

How much you can earn? The average earning is $5000 per month.


Preply is the leading platform for online language and subject learning. It was launched in the year 2012 in the USA by Kirill Bigai. There is always a demand for tutors on Preply.

You can teach other subjects over physics, they have more than 100 different subjects. They do not ask for any special qualifications hence anyone can apply here.

How to earn money by solving questions online in India? Are your Physics teachers and want to earn money by solving questions online in India? Preply is a platform made for you.

Platform Fee: 33% to 18%

How much you can earn? Earn around $2500 to 1200


StudyGate is an online learning platform. It was started back in 2014. The website claims that its members have earned more than $500K each month or more.

There are currently more jobs available for physics teachers, try once to check your luck with them.

Platform Fee: Not available

How much you can earn? Your earnings will be around $500 to $5000 each month.

Earn Money by Solving Physics Problems Online

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