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The rating of the Dropping Ball app shows that they are legit but we know they are scams. But how and why are we calling them scams?

In this online world, there are many legit and scam websites and it is not easy to find out which is legit or scam app. That’s why it is necessary to write a review article.

The app claims that you can make hundred to thousands of dollars each month by just playing simple games on the app.

The Dropping Ball App went viral in a few months because of massive marketing done by the app. The app also got promoted on different blogs & websites.

In this Dropping Ball App Review article, you are going to find what is Dropping Ball App is, How much you can earn, whether it is real or fake, whether it is safe for your device,  whether it is legit or a scam, and much more to know.

What Is Dropping Ball App?

Dropping Ball App is android based mobile app which is available only on Google Play Store. It is a play-to-win game where you can earn free money by just playing the games that you usually do.

The app claims that you can make a good amount of money by just simply playing games online on their app. The game is quite simple, the app allows you to drop balls into 9 different slots, and when balls drop into slots you will earn free money.

This is similar to Plinko games but the name already shows what it is. Len Fox Game is behind the development of the app.

The advertising is showing that you can easily make a good amount of money and when I say good amount then it means amount somewhere $1000 or more per month.

There is no more information available related to the app. They haven’t mentioned anything about the team or the real person behind the app. It makes it hard to trust such an app.

How To Use Dropping Ball App?

To use the Dropping Ball App you have to download the Dropping Ball App from the play store. Yes, you can download the app from Play Store only.

They have developed mobile and specially Android apps only. Visit the Play Store ad and search for “Dropping Ball App” Download the app from the play store.

After downloading the app register using your email address and start playing the game. Simply you have to throw the ball and the ball will be moved to the lucky machine, the ball goes into the hole you will get rewarded.

The playing game on the app is very simple, just keep dropping the ball.

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Dropping Ball Payment Method

Dropping Ball App allows you to earn money in one way but allows you to withdraw your hard money in different ways.

You can withdraw using Paypal and Amazon Gift Cards. The minimum payout is $100 which is quite hard to reach.

Let’s see the redeemable amounts for cash or gift cards.

  • 2,000,000 earned tokens can be redeemed for $100 PayPal
  • You can redeem 100 virtual cash for $100 from PayPal
  • Matching the 777 number on the lucky wheel can earn you $777 in PayPal
  • Get $100 Amazon Gift Cards for 100 Virtual Amazon cards
  • You can also earn $1000 for 20 Eggs

Dropping Ball Is Legit Or Scam? Definitely, It Is A Scam

Yes, Dropping Ball is a scam app. Without any doubt, they have a good rating on Play Store. They have 5 million downloads on Play Store and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5 from 137K review.

The app was last updated in September 2022.

Now let’s check why we are calling them scams even though they have very positive reviews.

First, they have a high minimum payout of $100 which is very hard for anyone to reach. Every earning app has a minimum payout of $1 to $5. Most scam app has high minimum payouts.

Paid reviews, another reason not to believe them is paid positive reviews. They have lots of paid positive reviews and interestingly all positive reviews are posted just after launch and later all new reviews are negative.

It seems first they posted positive reviews to attract users and when real users arrived on the app and used the app they got scammed and then users left their reviews on the play store.

Also, it has no website or page or social media profile, It is not easy to know who is behind the app. And who is running the app?

They don’t have any customer support which is necessary for any website or platform users.

I do not suggest using the app or downloading it. Never use such apps. And always look for legit reviews on our website.