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Tired of trying legit methods to make money but not being able to earn enough money? Now planning to make money online using Illegal side hustle jobs ideas?

Illegal thongs can surely put you in trouble but not all of them are that bad. There are some logical and worth trying Illegal side hustle which can’t put you in legal struggle and can also generate income.

In modern days, Legal and Illegal things depend on the government’s rules & regulations. Hence it is important to check whether you are following the law or not if any of your actions break the government’s rules then you might fall into trouble.

Should You Do Illegal Side Hustle Jobs?

It depends on the type of job you do and the region you are living in. Doing and not depends on you but you should be known about them and you can choose according to it.

Illegal side hustle jobs are used to earn money when people are not able to earn money from other methods. But illegal jobs are not always safe, it can put you in jail as well.

So you should do illegal side hustle jobs or not? In my opinion, you can try some of the following jobs but not all of them are safe. You should first check if it is safe in your country to do or not.

Instead of illegal jobs, I would suggest doing other legal businesses here you can find the list of online business ideas that you can do.

Also, illegal jobs can give you benefits but in the end, it will badly affect the person whom you attempt.

Still, if you want to jump in illegal kinds of stuff make sure you are using VPN, it will help you in hiding, Atlas VPN is one of the best VPNs or you can try other VPNs here.

10 High Paying Illegal Side Hustle Jobs

Following are the 10 best high-paying and easy-to-do side hustle jobs.


Hacking is one illegal side hustles that everyone knows about, it is very popular. But becoming a hacker is not easy you have to hide properly so you don’t get caught.

If you think hacking is as cool as it is shown in movies then you are wrong. Hacking is different types and hackers so. You can become a white hat, grey, or black hat hacker. Where white hat hackers do works officially, grey hackers do both, and black hat hackers only do illegal things.

Betting On Banned Sports

The online betting industry is growing but it is not legal in every state. In some places it is legal and in some states it is illegal.

Making money from betting sites depends on luck, it is not something that can generate regular revenue, you might lose or win. It is worth trying your luck who knows who has good luck.

OTP Phone Call Scam

It is one of the most known methods of earning money or stealing money. Most scammers use this method in developing countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and others.

What they are, they call claiming that they are from this or that company and say that the call is for users safety purpose, eventually, they will ask for OTP and once you share the OTP your account will get drained.

Act Like Admin Of Group

If you are a member of some Telegram groups then you might have received spam messages from random users.

Suppose you joined any paying site and their group, if you asked any help question in the group then scammers will contact you acting like they are admins of the group, even they create an account that looks similar to real admins.

As they act like admins they will ask you to share your credentials which will be used by them to steal your money.

Grow Dru*s In Your Backyard

It is one of the side illegal hustles that is illegal in almost all countries. Consuming it is very bad for consumers and it can put you in the bar for growing as well.

But if you can do that without getting caught then you can become the richest person in town at least.

Stealing Money and ID Cards

Not much popular? Stealing money is one of the oldest ways to make money in an illegal way. It just takes a few seconds to cut someone’s pocket or snatch the bag of money and run away.

As the use of the internet is the increasing demand for fake ID cards is also increased. You can sell identity cards on the dark web but make sure you have taken precautionary steps already.

Use Atlas VPN to hide from getting digitally exposed. VPNs are used to hide your IP and put you in a safe place. Also, you should put some paper on your cameras.

Prostitution – illegal side hustles?

This is one of the jobs that were in demand in the past, and present, and surely it will be in demand in the future as well. Governments are still confused if they should legalize it or not.

Definitely, those who are earning from this industry want it to become legal whereas others feel that it should be illegal.

Sell Pirated Movies

Movies directors or actors don’t want that you watch their movies for free, after all, they spend a huge amount of money and time to make movies.

What if you bake a cake at home after 3 hours of hard work and someone eats them? You would not like that, right? but that person who has eaten the cake is comforted as he received that without doing any hard work.

This is the same with movie directors and the whole team, they spend time and money to make the perfect movie so that they can earn money from it.

You can create your own website where you can sell pirated movies or can share for free and can monetize your website using different networks.

Resell Tickets

Whether it is movie tickers, game tickers, horse race tickets, or train tickets you can make money from all of them.

You can purchase tickets for movies and can sell them at double rates but make sure the movie ticket you purchased is in demand like Marvel’s movies are nowadays are in demand.

There are people who were buying Spider-Man: No Way Home movie tickets by giving hundred of dollars extra.

Resell e-Books

Not all books are launched in every country but buyers are there for those books. Just download any e-book and put them on sale on sites like Amazon or eBay.

Also if you know, then some books are launched in a specific country. What you have to do is buy a book from that country and resell it in your country.