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Copying is a trend to scam people and American Consumer Panels scam is using this strategy to scam people. Yes, I am saying they are scammers. I said copying because they copied the name of a famous product testing platform call American Consumer Opinion Panel.

Let’s have look at this platform and let’s understand how they scam people like you and me.

What is American Consumer Panels?

According to its website, American Consumer Panels is a product testing platform and product development work. Basically, they hire people to test the product and ask them to provide their feedback. Which they pass to companies.

As a company, you can find proper feedback on your product before launching them to the market.

They are providing this service all over the USA so if you are not from the USA then stay away from these sites and this review too (just kidding you can read and learn).

How to Join American Consumer Panels?

To join or sign up on this platform you need to go on their career page and there you will find available jobs. “IN-HOME USAGE TESTER (Product Tester at Home) – All across the US – Part-Time”

I clicked on this available job and they asked to submit the email address. After submitting the email address they asked to complete demographic surveys that were hosted by a third party platform.


American Consumer Panels Scam or Legit?

Yes, they are a scam. They are a copy of ACOP which stands for American Consumer Opinion Panel. If you just add or remove Opinion from their name then it will look different. American consumer panels tester reviews.

Now let’s check why they are a scam.

Fake Press Coverage

They are calling themselves legit by showing you press coverage but they have only two press coverage till now. It is very that such an old website has only two press coverage and both are wrong.

Thir first press coverage article which is not available and another one was published in the year 2016 and this is the year 2020. American consumer panels reviews.

Also, both articles are press releases which can be done by anyone even you can publish an article on such a website by paying a small amount of money.

Using Adsense

In my opinion website like this which are professionals are never using any advertising like Adsense. If you ever see such websites then stay away from it.

Kind of Product Tested

So they finally posted the images which show the users are getting a product to test. Look at the product and the images. Did you find any words or sign which shows that the images belong to this website? Of course No. American consumer panels product tester review.

So yes American consumer panels product tester scam.

What They Offer You

They offer many different attractive things which can attract you to join them but those lie things. So Is American consumer panels legit? No, it is not.

  1. They offer you a minimum of 15 to 20 hours of work per week guaranteed.
  2. $45/hour really, who can pay such amount of money? Only scammers can do.
  3. They allow you to keep the product for free.


Conclusion: They are 100% scam don’t try to use them. You will be only wasting your time and nothing else. If you want to make money online then try to join Swagbucks or do data entry jobs online. American consumer panels com reviews.

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