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You are here because you want to get the best Guest Posting services which is Adsy and want to know more before using it. Right?

Adsy is there for the last few years and it is a widely used guest posting platform. You might want to use their service but got confused if they are legit or not. If they are legit then their service is high quality or not.

There is much more to know about Adsy and here at I try to provide my honest Adsy review.

If you have the websites or manage website then you should try them for sure. Adsy is completely free and can help new and small bloggers to make money online.

Who Can Use Adsy?

Anyone who has a website, or blog, or any person who uses to manage the websites can use Adsy. As it is a free platform anyone can register within a few seconds.

So in case you want to check out the platform and how it works then you can register here instantly and check how the platform works.

Following are the people/platform you can use.

  • New bloggers
  • Bloggers who don’t want to monetize their sites using Ads
  • Who wants to get more content on their blog for free
  • Anyone

It doesn’t matter who you are if you have a website then you can start using them.

What Is Adsy?

Adsy is a popular guest posting service provider and marketplace where bloggers and guest posters meet and buy & sell guest posts.

It was founded in the year 2016 by Darlene Florrie, it has headquarters in Seoul, Seoul-t’ukpyolsi, South Korea. It connects bloggers with publishers.

As of now, they have more than 51000 publishers.

It allows you to get orders of guest posts and link insertion on your website as a publisher and as an advertiser or buyer, it allows you to get your articles with do-follow links published on the website which you want.

You can find all types of websites on their platform, from high-quality to low-quality, from finance to games every niche, and many more reasons to use them.

What Are The Requirements To Join Adsy?

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to join let’s check out these requirements.

  • Your website should be at least 6 months old.
  • Your website Domain Authority (DA) must e at least 15.
  • The MOZ spam score should not be 30% or more.
  • Your website should be using paid hosting instead of free web hosting.
  • Your articles should get indexed in Google, they check if at least 60 URLs are indexed or not.

How To Join Adsy?

To join Adsy you simply need to visit their website first, you can visit using our referral link.

If you use our referral link to join then you will get a $15 sign-up bonus.

adsy homepage

Click on the sign-up button and it will open a sign-up form where you can find three different methods to join the platform.

You can join using email, Gmail, or Facebook.

adsy sign up

If you sign up using email you will receive a confirmation link and enter your password.

Once you completed the sign-up process you will be on the dashboard.

This account will work as Buyer and Publisher, you can switch your profile from the dashboard.

Advanced Filter Option For Advertisers

People use them because of their top features which makes them special and it is the reason why publisher automatically gets attracted to them.

Types Of Publishers:- You can use this to check the profile of verified publishers and all publishers. You can choose to advertise your link or article according to your needs.

Price Range:- Advertisers can get their content published for at least $15 and up to $10,000. Everyone has their own budget and this filter helps them to get websites under their budget.

DA and DR:- DA stands for MOZ’s Domain Authority and DR stands for Ahref’s Domain Rating. The higher your DA or DR stands your website on top in Google. Your DA should be at least 15 and DR should be at least 1.

Spam Score:- Spam Score is counted by Moz, you can check your Spam score online. You as an advertiser should choose any site that has a spam score of less than 30%.

Service Type:- If you have a content writer then you can go with your own article or you can pay a publisher to write articles.

Traffic:- You can find publishers with a specific amount of monthly traffic. the stat shows last month’s traffic.

Follow & No-Follow:- Advertisers can choose the site with DoFollow and NoFollow links.

Traffic Country:- You can choose the site depending on the traffic coming from the country.

Language:- You might be coming from Russia, Indonesia, India, USA, French, or any other country and you might speaking a different language and running your service in different languages. For which you want to get your article published on a specific language website. Yes, you can choose websites from different languages.

Categories:- Now you can choose the category for the article.

Sponsored Tag:- We all know the benefits of getting articles published without sponsored tags. You can choose to get your article published with Sponsored tag or not.

Google News:- Want to get your article published on the site that has Google News indexed? Then use this filter.

Added to Adsy:- This filter allows you to check the list of sites based on the date added to

TAT:- Turn Around Time to get your task completed by publishers.

Ratings:- Advertisers do rate publishers for their tasks. You can choose the publishers based on their ratings.

Security Deposit:- Sometimes publishers try to cheat advertisers for that reason Adsy introduced the Security Deposit option where publisher do hold some amount of money in their deposited accounts which can use to reimburse advertisers.

Completion Rate:- This feature shows the publishers based on their task completion rate. Divided in % from 70 to 90%.

Lifetime Of Links:- Sometimes publishers do remove the link from their site, this guides advertisers to check how early or late they do remove links.

Confirmation Status:- Some time site is maintained by the owner itself and sometime owner allows others to maintain their sites. The owner has more control in comparison to contributors over the site.

Example of Work:- You can find examples of work.

Packages For Advertiser

Advertisers who have a big budget can go with Adsy packages, packages start from a minimum price of $275.

This will not only get you more backlinks but will also save you lots of time, you don’t need to spend time on research and checking each publisher’s profile.

Simply you need to select a package based on Traffic or DA.

First, choose the word count the word includes in the content, then select a number of posts, after that choose the range of DA from 20 to 60+. Then enter your URL and anchor text.

They have a refund policy as well but it applies to each person’s profile differently.

How To Use Adsy As Publisher

You might have already registered on the platform, if not yet then register using my link to get a bonus of $15.

As a publisher, you need to add your website to their platform.

  • Go to My Platforms
  • Then My Websites.
  • Click on Add Website button
  • Accept the terms & conditions
  • Add website

You can add one or multiple websites (not more than 100) at once. It will go in moderation after submission. If the team found that your website is complying with their rules and they like it then they will add your website to the list.

You can find a list of websites under My Website.

Adsy Payment Method & Fees

Adsy supports only two payment methods, Paypal and USDT.

For USDT they do support TRC20. The minimum withdrawal is $60 for USDT which applied a 5.45% and 3.90% transaction fee.

For Paypal minimum withdrawal is $60, which is an applied transaction fee of 4% from Paypal and 3.90% of Adsy services fee.

The payment is usually made between 1 to 7th of the month or from the 15th to the 22nd of the month.

Adsy Customer Support

Adsy is bad at offering customer support, here you can find customer support in the form of Email and Nobile numbers only.

You can contact them by going to their Contact Us page and submitting the contact us form.

You can also reach them at “+1 347 4414137”.

Adsy Is Legit Or Scam?

Adsy is a legit platform. And it is liked by many big bloggers as well. They have good ratings on different reviewing platforms.

On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 80 reviews. The negative reviews are talking about the contents.