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If you are tired of applying or using different ad networks but not getting approval or high revenue. Sometimes you keep applying on different advertising networks but they keep rejecting you even when you have a good amount of traffic.

Some platforms are slow when it comes to replying to the application process. In such cases, you should try new ad networks that look promising AdQVA is one of the new ad network sites.

If you are from or your traffic market comes from the LATAM market then you must try them at least once. As they target LATAM market more.

Let’s check out more about AdQVA in this AdQVA review.

What Is AdQVA Ad Network?

AdQVA is a native advertising platform that focuses on the LATAM market more. It was founded by the Reinier. They offer a safe and modern ecosystem by using the latest technology where advertisers come and start advertising their projects.

They have many registered publishers who are ready to start showing ads on the website. You as a publisher can easily register on the website within a few seconds and start adding your website to their system.

It is an Adsense-like platform but they have a real team to help you whereas in Adsense you have less chance of getting accepted and more chance of getting your website blacklisted.

Advertisers run ads on different models like CPC, CPM, and CPS. And Publishers can monetize their traffic in the same models. Publishers can put ads in their Article, Below the Article, or in Header. They have another option of SmartLinks.

How To Use AdQVA?

Joining the platform is quite easy and safe. If you are interested in knowing how you can start using the platform to make money through your website then follow given below methods.

Sign up

Signing up on the platform is simple and easy. Click here to visit the AdQVA website and click on the signup button to register on the website.

AdQVA Sign up

Enter the details like username, email, password, and your role.

Add Your Website

You will find the My Sites option on your dashboard, click on it to add your website to the platform. Once you are done with adding a website it will go in moderation.

add your website

Simply enter your site name, URL, and note. It will take up to 24 hours to verify your website, in some cases it will take a bit more time.

Create Widget

Now it’s time to create a Widget, you can create a widget on the website that has been approved by AdQVA. You can add as many as websites you want to but you can use up to 3 widgets on a single page.

Don’t add more widgets on a single page it will impact your site performance. You might use more widgets at different places to optimize more.

You can create widgets in 5 different ad formats, as follow.

  • In Article
  • Below Article
  • Header
  • Single Ad Unit
  • In-Page Push Notifications


The statistics page shows the latest data. The site name, numbers of views, clicks received, profits made, CTR %, eCPM $, and CPC.

You will get statistics on your site and widget. And you can find stats related to countries as well.

AdQVA Referral

You can refer your friend and earn a good amount of money. They pay 5% of what your referral earns or deposits. You can refer both advertisers and publishers to the platform.

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If Advertiser deposits $1000 then you will get $50. And at the same time if a referral earns $1000 as a publisher then you will earn $50 from the publisher as well.

Requirement For Publisher

There are some basic requirements that you have to fulfill. Following are the points that you should keep in the mind before applying to the platform.

  • Must have at least 500 unique visitors per day
  • At least 15,000 visitors per month
  • The article website must have at least 10 posts or articles
  • .The website should not have adult content or it should not endorse illegal items or things or topics

AdQVA Payment Methods

There are multiple payment methods they support which you can use to withdraw. The payment takes 7 working days to receive payment to your account.

Paypal, MLC, QvaPay, USDT, Micro-Ricarga Saldo Cubacel, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Internal Transfer, and Bank Transfer. There are different minimum payment limit

There is a withdrawal limit of up to $100 which you can withdraw in batches as well.

Contact Support

Creating a Ticket is the only way to contact the support team. Else they have social media profiles where you can try to reach them.