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Want to make money online on YouTube? But don’t want to show your face on camera? Then there are some famous YouTube channel ideas without showing your face which you can work on and start your own YouTube channel.

Everything is possible on the internet you just need dedication and patience to work on an idea.

You have seen that most of the creators do show their faces in the video because they don’t shy but everyone is not the same. There are people who are fearful to show their faces on camera.

But don’t need to worry there are some effective ideas that can help you to start your own youtube channel without showing your face.

12 Best YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

There are many ideas that you can work on following are most trending and highly monetized channel niche. Here I am going to mention only the 12 best channel ideas.

Gaming Channel

Gaming channels are now days working very well. You know many streamers online who do facecam but there are many youtubers who just play the game and upload their videos or go live without showing their face.

If you play good game then you should start working on it. It is not always necessary to play good game always but if you have skill to make people laugh then you can create comedy contents with games and upload it your channel and other social media platform.

But this requires but editing skill, adding comedy clip at right moment and creating memes to attract your viewers are some ways to create quality content.

You may have seen many video recommendation on Youtube and facebook if you have ever reacted on it. If you play good game then you can use platforms like Twitch which is made for gamers specially to earn money. Here is the article on how to make money on Twitch.

If you really want to start gaming channel then I suggest to take online courses and learn how to create gaming channel without face.  One of best course is “Start & Grow Your Gaming Channel (2021) | Step-By-Step Guide” available on Udemy for $10.

Cooking Channel

If you are a Indian then you know there are varities of dish of foods that whole world wants to try it out. People wants to make good and new dishes for their love one.

To search for recipes or learning new dish they most probaly do Google or search on Youtube because they know they can find this on YouTube easily.

If you know any dish then you can make good video and upload it to your channel. This most probably requires your voice. This is the best for girls or womens who are interested should strat faceless youtube channel and make money online.

Travel Info

If you are thinking about ravel vloggers then you are wrong. Travel vloggers needs to show their face else it will not work.

But what you can do is share videos on information and tricks on how to travel, cost of travel, where to travel, what to do while travelling, and much more.

You can cover each famous city or place to create one video and there are thousands of thousand places to cover like this.

You can also make videos while travelling and add parts of your video to your channel without showing face.

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Story Teller

I was once surprised when I saw ghost story teller person from India on YouTube has more than 1.2 Lakh subscribers and more than 13 Million views within a 2 years even though he just uploads average 2 video each month.

If you are one who can tell story then you are good to go. Just choose the proper niche for that and keep uploading new stories daily. Also it is important to keep your viewers attracted with your channel through social media.

Their are many niches you can work on like history, personal experiences, ghost, enterpreneurs story, story about places, and much more to discover.

This is the cheapest method I can suggest for those who are looking for youtube channel ideas without showing your face. You can find stories on internet, from relatives, Quora, Reddit, and Books.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are working well nowadays every type of person loves animated videos specially kid when your content is full of comedy.

It dedinatelly doesn’t require any face show but it requires skill to create quality content. This is something that every one can’t do.

You need to spend hours to find ideas, creating characters, editing, and animating. One of the best tool you can use for making videos is Filmora or Animaker.

Beauty Channel

Beauty channels are popular between girls they always like to watch videos that shows beauty arts & suggestions like nail art, hair art, mehendi art, and you can also create videos on best beauty product like reviewwing it.

You don’t have to show your face for this just explain about the art, product, benefits, suggestions, and other things.

Tutorial Videos

There are many niches for those who wants to create tutorial videos. Infact you can create video on any topic, like how to in computer, technology blogging, seo, work, household, personality, and there are many more.

But you have to have knowledge in that field. For example if you have good knowledge of computer then you can create video on topics like how to install app in computer, how to increase speed, and all that stuffs.

Facts Sharing & Fact Checker

People love to watch fact check videos. You may have seens many videos on facts. Facts can be on any topic it can be on health, medical, tech, study, politics, news, or anything else.

You can create channle on Face Buster as well where you watch others videos to find fake facts and create video with real facts.

This is the best way to get attraction from other channels viewers. They will talk about your channel and videos.

Make Videos On Movies

Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Either it is bollywood or hollywood or any local movie industry people love to watch videos.

You should optinize this opportunity by making videos on them. Sharing news, pics, videos, reviewing, actors or actress, and anything that is related to movies.

You can videos on hidden facts that are in movies your audience will love to watch them.

Make Videos on Comics

Do you know people love to watch videos or listen then reading books? They do not want to spend money on comic books and read them but instead of it they search on YouTube.

There are creators who makes videos on comics where they share whole comic stories.

Thug Life’s

You may like to watch thug life videos and other also. There are many videos on Youtube that people watch again and again even though they already watched that videos becuase they enjoy it lot.

You can take videos and crop it and add some thug life templates on it.

Music Videos With Lyrics

You can simply edit music and add lyrics of it and upload that. Check for song that is available on youtube but has no lyrical video and then create one.

There are also creators who uploads 8-D and 3-D audio songs that you may like to try out.