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We at published articles on how to make money online but today in this article we are going to talk related to your health.

Doing exercise is very much important in someone’s life but not everyone wants to go Gym or doesn’t have enough time to go outside.

There is an option for them that they can do exercise at home using different equipment. Cycling Bike is one of the best equipment to do exercise at home.

It is good for health and it also comes at an affordable rate.

In this article, we are going to review Yosuda Bikes. If you are planning to get one then you must read this Yosuda Bikes Review.

What Are Yosuda Bikes?

YOSUDA is one of the highly rated companies that is developing exercise bikes. They are developing bikes for both professional and general needs.

Yosuda started making bikes in 2018 and the full name of YOSUDA or YO-SU-DA is “You’re The Sun Dame”. They are working with the motto of Family Fitness and Healthy Life.

Their bikes are made in such a way that you can admire fitness more because of product quality and the concept of fitness. Bikes at YOSUDA are designed by their team very carefully to provide quality with the look.

It is smooth, durable, easy to use, well-designed, and cost-efficient. It comes with a digital monitor where you can find your speed, time, distance, calories burned, and odometer. You can also put your water bottle in the bottle holder.

Yosuda uses pure wool that helps in reducing noise which is a common issue in other bikes.

Where Are Yosuda Bikes Made?

Many of you have questions where are yosuda bikes manufactured? According to its website Yosuda, as a brand was launched in the United States, and its products, are sold in almost all regions including Europe and Japan.

But Yosuda Bikes are manufactured in China. It is mentioned on their website which is hard to find.

Who makes yosuda bikes? The company was founded by Eric Zeng, who is the main person behind bike design and manufacturing.

Yosuda Bikes Website

If you are searching for their website’s link then you can’t find them easily, actually, you can find but it is hard to tell if it is real or not.

Most of the time when I search for any brand’s website link in Google I find phishing sites too so it becomes hard to tell which one is legit.

The Yosuda bikes website link is“. Click here to search for them on Amazon.

If you purchase products directly from their website then you will get a different rate but if you purchase anything from Amazon then you will get other rates. We will check that later in this article.

Yosuda Bikes Discount Code

If you shop on their website then you will get 30% off by using coupon code “YOSUDA” or click here to grab the offer directly.

They don’t have more coupon codes at the moment but you can follow their website if they have released any other codes or not.

Where To Buy?

So where to buy and what are the prices of Yosuda Bikes? They are selling their products through their website and Amazon as well. So which method you should choose?

Let’s check the prices of some products on both Amazon and their official website.

YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine 350 LB Weight Capacity:- On their website, the price of this is 599 excluding shipping and on Amazon, the price is $389 (currently it is out of stock on Amazon).

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Bike:- The price on the website is $283 excluding shipping cost and on Amazon price is $299 (currently it is out of stock on Amazon).

YOSUDA Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike 350 lbs Weight Capacity:- You can get this one for $459 on Amazon plus a $30 discount. The price on the website is a bit high it is $499.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary:- $349 on Amazon and $355 on their website. But they do have a $30 discount coupon code that works on their website and a $20 coupon code on checkout on Amazon. So the price will be $325 on their website and $329 on Amazon.

The price for yosuda under desk bike is not available at the moment hence didn’t mention it here.

Are Yosuda Bikes Good?

To know if any product is good or not we have to read public or customer reviews. We are not going to read reviews that are posted on their website.

Let’s check their Amazon reviews.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Bike has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from more than 17.4K reviews. It is also ranked #1 under Exercise Bikes.

But still, some users reported that they have faced problems with the product. Other products do have not many problems but some users have issues.

Yosuda Customer Service 

They have two-way to get contacted. If you are from the USA then you can contact them using the phone at +1 (415) 209-5707. Or you can send them an email at [email protected].

The calling time is from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 9 PM.

E-mail: [email protected]


This is the review of YOSUDA Bikes as a company whole and not for specific products. Hence if you want to know more about products you can search on Google for that. This Yosuda Bikes review aims to tell if the company is good or not and whether it is worth purchasing its products or not.

In our opinion, Yosuda is a legitimate and high-quality bike manufacturer that you can trust.

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