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Looking for writers to write extraordinary articles? Then you should read this WriterAccess review.

WriterAccess is a name brand for freelancers & those who are looking for writers. Finding writers is easy but finding writers who can write SEO-rich & meaningful articles is not easy but with WriterAccess it is possible to find top-quality freelancers.

Freelancers who are not getting the price that they should get are a bit difficult, WriterAccess allows you to write articles on topics you like to and get paid an awesome amount.

Let’s check out the honest WriterAceess review.

What Is WriterAccess?

WriterAccess is a content writing platform where freelancers do look for writing jobs and hirers do hire freelancers to write articles.

The WriterAccess was founded in the year 2010, offers different writing-related services including writing articles, translation, writing assignments, and many more.

Content writers do earn a passive amount here in comparison to other platforms.

WriterAccess was a platform where only US-based writers were allowed to join as freelancers but now they have done some changes in their policy and now freelancers from other countries like Europe, Aisa, Africa, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and some others.

Till now they have delivered more than 2,500,000 projects to 40,000 customers & 20,000 freelancers

WriterAccess Fees

Hiring freelancers? Then you must know about the fee structure first.

There are three different plans that you can choose from. Basic subscription costs $39 per month, Pro plan will cost you $59 each month, and last Premium plan will cost you $99 for a month.

You can choose any tier and you will get a 14-days free trial with any plan. These plans are for using the platform hence you have to pay differently for content.

writeraccess plans

To hire freelancers and to know about their charges you can use the WriterAccess calculator to know how much it will cost you to hire freelancers for your requirement.

The minimum cost starts with 2 cents per word and can be up to $2 per word. The more you increase your rate the more you benefit from a claim like skill, audience empathy, topic familiarity, theme goals, industry knowledge, experience, topic command, and much more

Below you can see two different pricing for writing content.

writeraccess freelancer rate writeraccess pricing

How To Find Freelancers

To start finding talents on WriterAccess you first need to sign up using the following link. You have to choose the plan, above mentioned plans that you can select from.

After registration, you will get in your dashboard, here you can find a list of freelancers, payment methods, account settings, filters, and more.

You can choose freelancers and hire them as per your requirement and their profile. Quality is their first priority as yours, hence almost every freelancer available on WriterAccess is best.

How To Join WriterAccess As Freelancer

Are a freelancer or writer then you should try them once.

To join as a Freelancer or writer, you simply need to visit their web page, and click on Apply Now under For Freelancers.

On the application page, you have to fill the form which takes not more than 2-3 minutes.

You get options to choose to apply for any of the following jobs, Writer, Editor, Designer, Translator, and Content Strategist.

Once you submit the form you have to wait for up to 2 weeks to get a reply back from the team. If your profile gets accepted then you will get access to your profile where you can set your own rates. You will find writeraccess login in your email.

For your information, the platform takes 30% of your earning as a fee and you will receive 70%. It means if you set the rate for writing an article and get paid $100 then $30 will be taken by platform and you will receive only $70.

WriterAccess Is Legit Or Not?

WriterAccess is a 100% legit and trusted place to find content writers and finding writing jobs.

On the public review platform, 4.3 out of 5 rating on the G2 platform.

They have received positive reviews on every platform. You can find them as legit so it is worth joining the platform and enjoying their benefits.





Platform Fees


Payment Methods


Platform Flow


Jobs Avaibility



  • Talented freelancer
  • Best customer support
  • Many free royalty images
  • AI supported


  • Platform fees are bit high for both customer & freelancers
  • Not easy to get in for freelancers
  • Rates are high in compare to fixed rate writers