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You read it correctly, yes, you can make money from your jokes. It looks funny but in this world of the Internet, it is possible to make money from your jokes. The Internet is the place where you can find more surprising things, it is not limited to your thoughts.

Jokes or Memes are the best things to make people laugh. You can find many Facebook and Instagram pages sharing memes and jokes to make people laugh. Many people are earning from their memes and jokes through their Instagram and Facebook pages but they might don’t know about the following sites.

If you plan to start making money from Instagram pages then you should know about following make money jokes sites. Do you like jokes? Then why can’t we make money from it?

Let us start checking out sites where you can write jokes make money.

Cracked – Writing Jokes For Money was founded in the year 1958. Originally it was an American Humor Magazine that published its last magazine in Feb 2007. No more publication of Cracked Mag. Basically, it is a humor website that allows anyone to write and publish funny content.

At you can publish memes, jokes, funny videos, or any other funny articles.

It pays around $50 per assignment to get approval. You can get up to $100 per long article and get approved. If your articles or assignments get more hits then they may give you bonuses. Payments are done through PayPal.

Readers Digest (RD)

This can be the highest-paying site after You can share your jokes, memes, gags, comedy, or funny stories. Readers Digest was founded in the year 1920.

Read Digest pays $25 to $100 per assignment. You can withdraw the payment using PayPal. You can submit jokes for money and can increase your revenue.

Funny Times

Funny Times is the best site that is active for the last 30+ years. And yes you can make money writing comedy.

They accept articles on any topic from food, art, or humor. You can also submit your best funny cartoons and stories. You have to send them an email using Post Box. So if you are interested then send as many as possible stories you can.

You will get $60 per assignment to write jokes for money.

Funds For Writers

FundsForWriters is always looking for a freelance writer. If you have good content on humor then you should try them. You can check the rates and accepted topics on their website.

The pay rates are $50 per assignment you submit and get accepted. Payments are made using PayPal and rarely through checks.

Frequently Asked Question

How to earn money online with comedy?

You can earn money online with comedy by publishing your jokes and memes on different publishing sites.

Best sites to write for money?

Cracked and FunnyTimes are some of the best sites to write for money. You will get paid to write jokes for them.

Where to submit jokes for money?

The above sites are where you can submit your jokes or you can also contact meme pages or joke pages on social media platforms. You can get paid for your jokes from them.

How to make money in comedy?

Making money in comedy is a completely different topic from making money from jokes. There are different types of comedy-earning methods that we will discuss in another article.

Conclusion: There are some of the best sites where you can get paid for your jokes or memes. If you have any content then you should apply here. If you are with your friends or family and someone cracks up the joke, just note it down on your mobile and later write it down to the above sites.

You can also publish memes or jokes on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages. These are sites where you can write jokes for money.

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