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WordPress content crawler plugins are a useful tool that specific types of websites are using. Sites like dropshipping, stores, and comparison sites mostly use WordPress content scrapper plugins.

Content crawlers or content scrapper plugins is a tool that gathers articles, content, or information from one place to publish or post in another.

It helps you to copy or get content from one site to another.

Not everyone over there loves these tools as they believe using such tools can degrade the value of websites. But the reality is if you know how to use WordPress content scrapping plugins then you can utilize them to stay ahead of others.

Paid Or Free Which One Is Best?

Paid content crawlers are considered best as they offer more curated services than free ones. In the paid plugin you will get lots of unique features like replacing text, Automatic category, removing unnecessary elements, saving images, and much more which you can’t find in free plugins.

Also, places from paid plugins can scrawl are top quality which free lacks. If you can afford to get paid one then you should go with it.

Some free plugins are there which can be used but with limited features.

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5 Best WordPress Content Crawler Plugins

Following are the 5 best plugins for WordPress content scrapping. Following WordPress content grabber plugins are free and paid for both.

WP Content Crawler WordPress

WP Content Crawler is one of the most widely used plugins by WordPress site owners. It has been purchased more than 2400 times.

The first time it was released was in 2016 and was updated in March 2021. The title of this plugin says that you can content from any site to your WordPress blog automatically.


  • Visual Inspector
  • Crawl
  • Recrawl
  • Delete posts
  • Control scheduling
  • Save categories
  • Save slugs
  • Custom post meta
  • Content templates
  • Find & replace anything
  • Save all images in post content
  • Any data as a shortcode
  • and more

Price: $25

Rating: 4.98 out of 5 from 127 ratings


Crawlomatic is a bit unique as it comes up with auto-updating scraped content. Once you start this plugin it will automatically post articles without your permission.

The plugin was first introduced in 2017 and last updated in Feb 2022.

There is no need for any API to scrap content but you just need to start the plugin from your admin dashboard.

The author also provides plugin setup help, if you don’t know how to use or install you can ask the author for help.


  • Single scrapping
  • Serial scrapping
  • Feed scraping
  • Visual selector
  • Content detector
  • Templates
  • Content translation
  • Fully scheduled
  • and more

Price: $49

Rating: 4.95 out of 5 from 38 ratings

Scraper – Automatic Content Crawler Plugin for WordPress

Scrapper is a real-time crawling and editing WordPress content crawler plugin. You can gather content from any website by just entering the article link and can edit it in real-time to publish on your blog.

The plugin has been purchased by more than 1800 people.

Scrapper was launched in 2018 and last updated in May 2021. Their Visual editor helps WordPress site owners to edit content in real time.


  • Visual Editor
  • Scraping templates
  • Attributes scraping
  • Content translation
  • Content spinning
  • Conditions
  • Custom content with variables
  • JSON Parser
  • and more

Price: $29

Rating: 4.26 out of 5 from 50 ratings

Octolooks – WordPress Crawler Plugin

Octolooks is a most advanced scrapper for WordPress sites it scraps content from almost any website automatically and allows you to edit that with a visual selector.

It has three modes Single scraping, Serial scraping, Octolooks Scrapes nulled, and Feed scraping. It is a WordPress crawler plugin.


  • Works in the background
  • Multiple tasks
  • High performance
  • User experience
  • Character sets
  • Basic to advanced
  • Content crawler wordpress
  • Download images
  • Custom XPath
  • Cookies support
  • and more

Price: 39 USD


WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin is one of the widely used plugins by WordPress blogs. More than 29,000 times these plugins have been purchased.

It was the first WordPress content scrapper launched in 2012 and last updated in Feb 2022.

You can scrape content from almost all platforms including You can get auto-posts from RSS feeds, from almost any web page to WordPress, any website, YouTube, amazon products, eBay products, Walmart, Clickbank products, Envato, craigslist, Careerjet, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more.

Price: 30 USD

Rating: 4.82 out of 5 from 1997 ratings

WP Scrapper

WP Scrapper is available in both free and paid versions. The free version can be downloaded from the WordPress download directory which is used by more than 4000 websites.


  • Visual interface for selecting content.
  • No need to know CSS selectors.
  • Images are imported to your media library.
  • Simple to use.
  • Scrap image, title, tags, and categories.
  • Save as a draft, post, or page.
  • Strip unwanted css, iframes, and/or videos from content
  • Remove links from the content.
  • Post to a selected category

How To Use Content Scrapers To Earn Money Online?

Many think content scrapers are used to get content to their blog only but there are ways through which you can make money.

First, think about what you can do to build a site using the content scrappers plugin and get some traffic through SMM panels plus SEO. Once you have some traffic and a content-rich website you can sell it online.

It also becomes easy to get AdSense approval and the price of your website will increase automatically when you have an enabled site.

The second thing you can do is make an affiliate website, you can scrap products from other places and insert them into your website. It will reduce your time and work as you don’t have to manually visit this website.

With just one click you can get those products on your website.

Should I Use Nulled Scrappers?

Thinking of using nulled versions of WordPress content crawler plugins? Then you should stop here, nulled versions can destroy your website.

WP Scrapper Pro nulled version used by some users which comes with viruses.