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The world’s economy is growing but not stable. The current epidemic created a situation more worst. Many people are losing their jobs because of this epidemic. I am here with the solutions which can provide you a job, Insight Global is that.

In today’s post, I am going to review Insight Global. You will get to know whether they are legit or not. It was founded by Glenn Johnson.

If you found any information which is mentioned here is incorrect or not suitable then comment below. Also, you can share your experience if you have any.

What is Insight Global Jobs?

Insight Global is a platform where you can search for job opportunities in the USA and Canada. It has headquartered in an Atlanta-based staffing agency. It was launched in the year 2001 to provide a better platform for users to find jobs.

Insight Global is a platform where students can find and do jobs. Their staffing services include long-term contracts, short-term contracts, temporary-to-permanent, and enhanced staffing services.

They have offices in more than 57 cities in the USA and Canada. The major cities they cover are Alabama, Nevada, and many more. You can find the list of cities where they are operating.

Who can Join Insight Global?

Anyone can join from the USA or Canada only. If you are not from the following countries then stop here this article is not for you nor this website.

If you are looking for serious jobs then this is the best place for you to join and find jobs.

Insight Global Sign Up Process

The signup process on Insight Global is very easy it takes a few seconds to sign up. You need to enter your name, email, and password to register. You also don’t need to verify your email.

Is Insight Global is Scam or a Legit

Is Insight Global legit? Yes, it is a legit company. You can also find them on BBB. The positive thing is they have an A+ rating by BBB itself but users gave them a 1-star rating.

The thing which we need to check here is BBB’s own rating. They are rated on many various rating sites and one of them is Glassdoor. Where they have received more than 7800 people rated. The overall rating is 4.5 rating. Insight Global glassdoor rating is more important.

How Does Insight Global Work

First, you need to sign up on their website you can’t find a sign-up form or button on their homepage. Click here to sign up on their website. While signing up you need to submit your name, email, pass, and zip code only.

After filling out the registration form you need to upload your Resume. You can skip this step but it is recommended to do as it increases the chance of getting the job.

Now you can apply for Job which you like. You can find jobs on the Job page, currently, I can see there are 450 jobs. Filter features can help you to find relevant jobs.

After applying for a job you will receive a phone call. This is a phone interview they will ask you some basic questions like experience.

The next step is face to face interview, you have to go to the nearer office.

Now you have to wait for their email notification. If your profile meets the job profile then this is for you if not then try other jobs.

Now the last step is to connect with the employer. And the employer will guide you towards your job.

Insight Global Locations

They are working all over the USA and Canada but their offices are in 57 cities. You can track their office locations on their location page here.

Insight Global Salary

The average salary for Insight Global LLC is $40,000 per year. But it depends on the position you are working in. There is an Account Manager who claims they were earning around $50,000 per year.

This salary can be increased after counting different bonuses. Work bonuses, appreciation bonuses, and others. Insight Global jobs can be good for you if you follow them properly.

Insight Global Reviews

If you google then you will not get negative reviews but yes there are many negative reviews. On Glassdoor many and many people rated positive but after reading negative reviews I found the common negative rating is that they are receiving less payment.

It means they are not receiving the payment which was promised. So if you are joining then make sure you are reading their agreement properly.

Also, some users reported the account managers or employers are not much friendly and very rude but not all of them. You may also face this problem so be ready and motivate yourself.

Popular jobs on the Platform

You can check some popular jobs and their average salary. Actual salaries can be more or less it depends on the job post and your experience. You can be working at insight with the below salary.

Software Engineer: $60 per hour

Desktop Support Technician: $20 per hour

Help Desk Analyst: $17 per hour

Customer Service Representative: $15

Call Center Representative: $15

I didn’t find much about their insight global CEO or team but you can read about them on their about us page. If you have any information then comment below I will add it to the article.

What Are Insight Global Salaries?

They have almost all types of entrepreneurs jobs and small-scale jobs hence the salaries are dependent on the job you chose. Users reported that the salary on Insight is good but not much high, so in case you are looking for a quick job then this is what you can choose.

Various jobs at insight global come up with various salaries. But the average salary reported is $45,000 each year.

Insight Global Logo

insight global logo



Conclusion: Giving try Global Insight is not a bad idea when you are not having a job. But if you want to try other methods or want to be your own boss then Affiliate Marketing is the best to work from home job. It may take a few weeks to get appointed so don’t make hopes. You should try other methods to make money like surveys and Amazon work from home jobs.

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