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We are all aware of the URL and we know one common thing about URLs, the URL describes the link of the site. Daily see them but do you know what is the full form of a URL, What is a URL address called for, and how it was founded?

As of modern days, we should know the full form URL at least. Do not forget to share this article if you like it.

What Is A URL Full Form

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. 

History of URL

Almost everyone who surfs the internet knows about URLs. But have you ever tried to know the history of the URL? Who founded URL and who launched this?

URL was founded in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee (Timothy John Berners-Lee) along with HTTP protocol and HTML with the aim of bringing HyperText into common use.

Tim Berners-Lee is also a director of the World Wide Web Consortium aka W3C. He published the first website through the CERN network on 20 December 1990.

Berners-Lee published the first website, which described the project itself, on 20 December 1990; it was available to the Internet from the CERN network. URL is -one of the best inventions on the computer.

URL Definition
URL is the acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, and some people call it  “Universal Resource Locator”. The URL is used to form the files and images into one form and present it to users using the Internet.
In a simple sentence, we can define a URL as a Location of resources on the World Wide Web (Internet).

Domains and URLs Are The Same?

Domains are part of URLs. See below is the example of URL and Domain.
URL looks like a ;
The domain which is the part of the URL looks like a;
The above one is the domain. Let me show you another example.
When anyone asks you what is a URL of Facebook or ask you to share Facebook URL then share this  which is the domain of Facebook, not the URL and the URL is
Hence domain and URL are the same but thing is that the domain is part of the URL.

What Is A URL?

URL is the source where you can store the files. The computer has its own language. To represent any file you need an URL. URL is in computer files too. Did you ever try to open any images in your browser? Just try once to open your browser.

what is an URL
In the above pic, you can see I opened one of an image in my browser. You will see something like that. Here File stands for the type of thing you opened. Here C means where the file was located. The third one is Users, you may aware that on PC you can add users and this is that.
The fourth one is where you located your file and the last one is the name of the file.
Mostly URL is used as web pages but it can be used in many other resources.

URL Structure or URL protocol

URL includes many different parts that make one single URL. Out of those many parts, some of them are permanent and some are changeable. Like homepage or main domains are not changeable but paths are changeable.

Let me explain all the parts of the domains here. With this domain


HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. The HTTPS shows that the files are secure or not. This protocol describes the way files are fetched. HTTP and HTTPS are not alone there are many other protocols like FTP and MAILTO.

WWW aka World Wide Web

WWW. defines the content on the URL. Nowadays it is not required to have WWW in the domain. Even when you type URL in your browser it redirects to a URL contains WWW. For example, if you search then the browser will redirect you to OR

Now, this part is a domain of the URL this can be with any extensions or suffix not only with .com it can be .xyz or There are more than 600 suffixes that exist. The Suffix is also known as gTLDs.


This is the path of the content that is on the domain It shows where your files are located in your hosting or web server. This portion of the URL is changeable you can move files from one place to another and can edit the name of this.

FAQs on What is a URL

1. How to find the URL?

You can find the URL in the browser’s URL box or Search bar.

2. What is a URL link?

Link is nothing else than the URL or domain. The link can be anything that includes Domain. is an example of a link and is also a link.

3. What is an example of a URL?

Here is an example of a URL

4. How do I create a URL?

You can create simply with google or by starting your own website.

5. URL is an acronym for what?

URL is an acronym of Uniform Resource Locator.

6. What does URL stand for?

Uniform Resource Locator.

7. What is a URL app.
Like web pages apps also have URLs that you can edit or copy or browse.