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Making money online has different ways to start earning online money and copywriting jobs are one of them.

Do you like to write articles? Then you would love to write copywriting articles that pay a passive income.

There are different types of articles you can write and Copywrite articles are one of the simple ways to write articles and generate income instantly.

Copywriters are responsible for writing promotional articles, like articles on products or services. Most of these articles are published on blog sites as press releases or guest posts or they get published on their websites.

Copywriters are earning on average $61K every year and $29 per hour. Salary depends on your experience & client for whom you are writing the article.

10 Best Places To Find Online Copywriting Jobs


TrueLancer is one of the best freelancing platforms for freelancers. It has headquarters in India & USA. Here you can either bid on any project or sell your service by listing it. Listing is free for everyone but you can get featured by upgrading for a minimum of 500 INR.

They have a separate category for Copywriting Jobs, where you can find copywriting jobs easily and can also post your gigs on Fiverr. It is one of the best places to find freelancer copywriting jobs.


Who doesn’t know about Upwork?

Upwork is one of the very known freelancing platforms to find copywriting jobs. But to work on Upwork you need to be passionate about your work and quality should be up to mark. As a platform, it focuses on quality more.

You can easily ask for $20 to $50 per article or more depending on your quality and experience.

Once you join the platform, you have to complete your profile so your profile looks more professional in comparison to those who don’t.


Jooble is a place where you can find different types of jobs from different places. You can visit the site and write “copywriting jobs” There you will find more than an average of 4000 available jobs to apply for.

Jobs include remote jobs and office-based jobs. Most of the jobs are remote jobs and if there are office-based jobs then they are mostly from countries like UK and USA.

You can use their filter options to check filtered jobs which include experience, locations, salary, type of employment, and job posted time.



If you have experience and know your value then you should try to join WeWorkRemotely. Mostly the site is used to find developing or programming jobs but you can also find other jobs like copywriting, which are less in numbers.

Payments are high in comparison to other platforms as they hire experienced people only. All posted jobs are from serious people as they do charge $299 for posting jobs.

Startups and established companies use these platforms to hire developers and freelancers.



A low number of jobs with high salaries.

Most copywriting jobs on RemoteOK are now closed as a very small number of jobs are posted under copywriting jobs on RemoteOk.

Those jobs are posted are bid by active freelancers immediately.

I saw some jobs are paying up to 80K to 90K USD yearly.



From the name of the platform, you can guess what type of hirers they have.

Yes, your guess is right. They are mostly used by news agencies or sites to hire writers or copywriters for their websites or social platforms.

Here you can find reporters, copywriting, editing, and related jobs easily.



Indeed is a job portal where you can find all types of jobs including copywriting jobs. It is a place to find all types of content managers like copywriting jobs, social media content managers, interns, medical content copywriting, and many more.

As of now, there are more than 800 copywriting jobs. It is easy to join and apply for jobs, you can join using your email or Gmail directly.



Either you are looking for part-time or full-time jobs, remote or office-based jobs, or contract jobs.

The website itself describes which types of jobs are available, Freelance Writing Gigs. More jobs are updated every day. High chance of getting hired.



Flexjobs has employers like Apple, Keely, Salesforce, SAP, Dell, Xerox, Capital One, and more. It was founded in 2007 and is currently the most widely used job portal in the USA.



CopyPress is your turnkey solution for generating, promoting, and scaling content tied to your marketing initiatives. Agencies, enterprises, and mid-market companies all count on CopyPress to produce high-quality, targeted content for their brands.



ProBlogger is dedicated to bloggers and it is a also very helpful blog for new bloggers. It is also the best place to find copywriting jobs.

You can find different types of jobs related to blogging like SEO work, Content management, and Copywriting jobs.



If you are a content writer then you should try the Writeraccess platform or if you are looking for a freelance writer then also you can use WriterAccess.