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Making money online is not hard, but choosing to make money is a bit hard and similar to blogging. Starting a blog is not hard, it actually takes 2 hours to start your own perfect blogging website. But choosing the types of blogs that make money is hard.

At I already published different articles explaining the different methods of how to make money online.

And blogging is one of them.

In today’s article, you will get to know the 10 best different types of blogs that make money for you. If you started a blog to make money but don’t know how much you can earn. And what is the scope of that niche then you may get failed.

Hence bloggers must know what topics are best for them before starting a blog.

How Bloggers Make Money?

There are different methods through which bloggers are making money. Most bloggers do choose Adsense as their first choice. Because it is easy to start with Adsense. There are many more advertising networks like Mediavine and Ezoic.

Other methods through which bloggers make money are Affiliate marketing, Banner placement, Listing, PR, Linking, and Product promotion.

10 Types Of Blogs That Make Money

Let’s check out the top 10 types of blogs niche that make money online. You can also share your idea through the comment box.

But remember blogging is not a short-term income generator. You need to work for months to see the result so must have patience.

Health and Fitness

Health is Wealth, yes it is right. Health is an evergreen niche.

As per Google Trends, Health and its related search query interest were always high and above 85%. This topic is more popular in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. It means you can directly target tier 1 countries.

As a blogger, you should know that earning is always high for tier 1 countries.

Everyone wants to focus on their health and fitness. Due to Corona Virus, more and more people are trying to be healthy and increase their fitness.

Following are the health and fitness blogs you can follow.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs are the best money-making blog topic but it requires too much hard work as there are already many bloggers. Not only bloggers some YouTubers or bloggers are also Lifestyle bloggers hence you are going to get tough competition.

But we know content is king in blogging.

Lifestyle blogging is all about daily things, and other things which users like daily. Like gardening. If you have dogs then you can share your experience with your dog in your blog.

The best method to make money is from Affiliate Links plus an advertising network. But affiliate is on top. Check out the article List of Best Affiliate Marketing Sites to join them and promote using your blog.

Following are the lifestyle blogs that make money and you can follow.

Food Blogs

Food is one of the highest searched queries on Google. Not only Google it is also very famous on Pinterest.

If you are a food lover then you can write articles on different types of foods, benefits of foods, recipes, and any other things related to food.

The best strategy you can use to get traffic to your blog is Pinterest. Pinterest has millions of traffic which you can optimize by posting daily new pics that attract users to your post and article.

Affiliate marketing can be less effective in food blogs but it depends on the article some articles can help you to earn more money from affiliates than Adsense.

Some of the best food blogs to follow

Travel Blogs

Travel blogging is not only about showing the Statue of Unity or Eifel Tower.

Most people think that travel bloggers are only bloggers who visit known places only and show them those places. But it is not the only thing travel bloggers should do.

If you want to become a travel blogger then you should open your Youtube channel as well because people love to watch videos while reading.

You can write posts on travel planning, experience, cost, what travelers should avoid, what travelers should do, where to visit, talking about underrated places.

People want to know more about places before visiting there rather than just watching videos that show what they saw.

Also, people think that travel bloggers only write about foreign travel places but it is not true you can start with local places as well.

Travel blogs you should follow

Sewing and Knitting

Not much popular blogging niche but has growing niche topic on the internet. Since the coronavirus pandemic happened more and more people tried to learn about sewing from home and some also started businesses too. That’s the opportunity.

Pinterest is the best place to grab visitors for your blog as more people are using Pinterest for such topics. Competition is also very low in this niche. But the best and unique design can rock in this niche as many people are already publishing articles on the same things.

Parenting Or Mom Blog

Parenting is the best niche for moms to start. They actually have more knowledge of parenting than anyone else.  Moms are all around the world hence you can target traffic from all over the world.

But not every mom knows about caring for their child in some way also they all are not aware of the best product to use for their child.

The best way to make money from parenting blogs is through ads and affiliate marketing too. You can also generate revenue by promoting products.

Also, check out the article on how to start mom blogs from home.

Following are the blogs that you may want to follow.


Frugal Living or Personal Finance

Who doesn’t want to save money? Everyone, right?

There are many personal finances out there on the internet hence competition is also more in this niche. No, we are not going to compete with big giants like MoneyControl but we will focus on small ones.

It has many sub-niches like how to make money while saving money, saving money, investing money, increasing savings, looking for the perfect opportunities in finance.

Following are the blogs that are worth following

DIY or Home Decore Blogs

Do It Yourself or Home decorating blogs are popular on Pinterest and other social media platforms like Instagram.

But the niche is not that much success like others but it is still profitable if you have got something eye-catching to show. You can write an article on home decoration, gardening, wall design, and other things that can attract viewers.

If you depend on ads then your earning might not be much but affiliate marketing can be more profitable in this niche. You can promote the links to the product that you used.

Must check these DIY blogs.

Beauty and Fashion

Have knowledge of Beauty products and fashion? Then you should share your knowledge with others too. For that blogging and Instagram is the two best places to start. And Pinterest is the best source to increase your traffic.

There are people who always search for beauty products, how to do make-up, and all other things related to beauty & fashion.

You can follow different fashion bloggers to get ideas of how to start your own beauty or fashion blog. following are the blogs that you can follow.

Quotes Blog

Who doesn’t like to read Quotes? You can start the Quote blog where you add Quotes and the author who said that. Also if you can add features like providing API then others will use your API to add Quotes on their website or app through your website.

There are already many similar blogs with related topics but using extra information and feature like API can help you to gain more traffic.

I don’t think I need to mention any sites because there are already many on Google.

Teaching Blogs

This is the best way to share your knowledge. You can focus on any topic for teaching, for example, if you are good in Maths then you can start posting articles on maths, if you have knowledge of Cycle then do write on it, or anything else that you think you are good at in it.

The main benefit of teaching a blog is that your users will stick with you if your content is good and you are publishing more content on related kinds of stuff.

Other Types of Blogs That Make Money

If you think the above topics are not for you then you can choose any of the following topics.

Pet Blogs: Animal lovers on the internet are increasing and more people want to know how to take care of their dogs and pets. Search on Google for the Pet blogs that make money.

Technology Blogs: Technology is growing very rapidly and new things are coming into the market as well. People want to know about those things as well.

What Types Of Blogs Make The Most Money?

Every type of blog makes money but what types of blogs make the most money? In my opinion Finance and health-related blogs do make more money in comparison to other blogs.


Starting a blog is not tough but keeping working on it is tough work. As you don’t know when you will start getting traffic and you have to keep publishing articles.

People think that blogging means just publishing an article and they will start making money from it. Above are the blog types that make the most money.

Choosing a proper is another major issue with new bloggers hence I decided to list down the best types of blogs that make money so you can decide one from them.

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11 Types Of Blogs That Make Money