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ToolsNinja is one of the known names on the internet for getting SEO Tools at a cheap rate. But are they worth it? Is their platform safe enough?

To know everything about ToolsNinja it is good to read ToolsNinja reviews that will help you to understand more about them and you can choose the best Group Buy SEO Tools.

Let’s check out them. Click Here to join Tools-Ninja.

What Is ToolsNinja?

ToolsNinja is a Group Buy SEO Tool service provider that was launched in March 2021. Like most such platforms offers this also offers SEO Tools at a cheap rate. They claim that their tools are for newbies and beginners only, as they should be because, after all, it is Group Buy SEO Tool.

It offers more than 40 SEO Tools that not every other competitor does. It is one of many reasons why users prefer them. Whether you are a newbie, blogger, freelancer, designer, marketer, or content creator you can choose them for your journey.

ToolsNinja Plans & Subscription

They claim that they offer more than 40 tools but it is not correct, at least for individual tools. As of writing, they have around 10 tools. Following are their rates.

Individual Plans

ToolsNinja pricing

The above prices are in INR, the following are the rates in USD.

  • Story Blocks $2.65
  • Envato Elements $2.65
  • Epidemic Sounds $1.99
  • Place It Premium $1.99
  • Grammarly Premium $1.32
  • IndexFication $1.99
  • StoryBase $1.32
  • Scribd $1.32
  • Vyand Premium $2.99
  • Quetext $1.99
  • SkillShare $0.65

Access to these tools you will get for 30 days.

Package plans

They have three different packages for Bloggers, Designers, and both. If you are a blogger then you can purchase their blogger plan or go for the designer package if you are a designer the last option for both who are bloggers and designers.

Toolsninja package plan

Prices in USD

  • 549 INR = $7.32
  • 379 INR = $5.05
  • 349 INR = 4.65

In all, in one package you will get 41 tools (most of these tools are not available for individual purchase). In Bloggers Package you will get access to 18 tools and 15 tools for the Designers package.

Payment Methods

They do have two payment methods. PayUmoney can be used to pay through UPI, Wallet, Net Banking, Debit & Credit Card. Or you can use Stripe as a payment method.

They have a strict refund policy, you can ask for a refund only when the tool doesn’t for 24 hours or more.

ToolsNinja Coupon Code

To get a free Coupon Code you need to join their Telegram Channel where they share coupon codes and also share accounts.

Currently, the active coupon code is bubblegum. You will get a discount of 82 INR or $1.12.

How To Use ToolsNinja?

To use any tools you need to install their Chrome extension. You can see Plugins only after purchasing any plan. First, you need to create an account using the following link.

And then purchase any tool. After purchasing the tool you need to install plugins and that’s all. You have now access to your tool.

Customer Support

They have live chat support which claimed to be active 24/7. I send their live support at 02:49 PM IST and got a reply from them at 02: 56 PM IST, quite good.


They seem to be legit and offer a variety of tools. You can try them once and can think of purchasing their tools. They do also offer 3 days trial offer which is quite good and helps you to understand more about the tool.