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YouTube is the platform where users are earning, enjoying, promoting, and doing much more. Either you want to promote your product through youtube videos or want to earn money from Youtube you need to use proper tags for youtube to reach more users.

Tags are one of those factors which can affect your views and earnings on YouTube. What if I upload the video related to gaming and add tags related to health?

Youtube will show ads related to gaming plus health too and if ads will be not related to users’ tastes then they will not click on those ads and you will lose your earning.

In the same manner, if your tags are not related to your videos then you will not get more views because users will search for health then they will find your videos but they will not watch them because that video is not related to health.

Hence best tags for youtube are very much important and it is as important as your name is for you.

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What are YouTube Tags?

Tags for youtube is the keyword for blogs. In blogging, you find and add keywords and on youtube, you find and add tags. Let’s see what Google says about it.

According to Google, “Tags are descriptive keywords you can add to your video to help viewers find your content. Your video’s title, thumbnail, and description are more important pieces of metadata for your video’s discovery. These main pieces of information help viewers decide which videos to watch”.

There are other factors that help your video to rank on a specific keyword. For example Likes, Shares, Comment, Users Retention, and Subscribe.

Youtube Tags are not visible to users at first.

Why Tags are Important

The only reason the tags are important is to reach more users. Definitely, we are uploading videos to let users watch and we want that more and more users watch our video. Youtube tags finder will help you to get your own tags.

Youtube Hashtags vs Tags

Youtube hashtags help users to find related videos. For example, I uploaded a video on “Best Places To Visit Before You Die” and added a description (tags in youtube description) of the video now I will add hashtags on each word that are most reliable and users use to search them.

In this video, I will use to add hashtags (#: this is a symbol of the hashtag) on words like #visit # traveler #place #london or any other place or things which I mentioned in the video.

youtube hashtags and description hashtags

Where To Add Hashtags

Now, how do youtube hashtags works? Let me explain to you with an example, Assume I uploaded a video with hashtag #visit and few more people used the same hashtags, and if a user is watching someone’s video and that someone added #visit on which user clicked then he can see the videos made on that hashtags. You can find youtube tags for views.

YouTube will show all the videos with that specific hashtags. Here my video will also show.

How Tags on YouTube Works

Tags are keywords. The users or visitors land on your video either directly or they came after doing searches and the word they type on the search box is the keyword. Below is an example of how you can add tags.

best tags for youtube videos

Add Tags on YouTube

Here you can see how I added tags related to each other. Not every user is not going to search “test” someone will use to search “online test” and maybe someone uses “funny online test” or maybe someone searches more weird things.

There are tools that you can use to search for trending tags for youtube.

How to Add Tags on YouTube

To add tags on an already uploaded video, You have to go to youtube, then my videos, then find your video in which you wanted to add tags, now click on edit, scroll down to the bottom of the next page. Here you will find an option to add tags

To add tags to the new video, You have to go to youtube, then upload the video, while uploading the video scroll down to the bottom of the page there you will find an option to add tags.

How To Find Youtube Hashtags

As we are not talking about hashtags here hence I am not going to provide deep detail on how to find youtube hashtags. But I am here to help you. The following are some sites that can help you to find youtube hashtags.

Best-Hashtags and KeywordTool are the best tags finder to find hashtags for youtube. Here you can find the list of tags for youtube videos.

How To Find Tags for YouTube Videos

There are many methods and platforms where you can find the best tags for youtube videos to get more views. Below are some best methods and websites. By using methods you will get tags for free and by using platforms you will get tags for paid and free as well.

Methods to Find Best Tags for Youtube (Free Method)

Use your title and topic

The first thing you can do to get tags is to use your topic and title. For that, you need to use your mind and figure out which “word” you can use as tags.

For example, you uploaded videos related to the PUBG game then you need to use tags related to PUBG. And for that, you need to know about the gaming audience how they search and they react.

Use Google Search and Youtube Search suggestion

Whenever you write something on google search or youtube search they automatically suggest topics related to your search.

Credits: internetmarketingninjas

For example, your search for mobile and google will suggest something like “mobile in 2021”, “mobile tips, “mobile hacks” and many more you have to copy them each and use them as tags.

YouTube Tags Generator (Free & Paid)

There are lots of tools to find tags for youtube videos and those tools are known as youtube tags generators. I am going to list the 7 best youtube tag generators.

VidIQ (Paid & Free)

VidIQ is one of the known and best youtube keyword generators. It is a youtube certified platform. It doesn’t only allow you to find tags for youtube but also helps you to find competitors’ keywords so you can optimize that keyword and can beat your competitors.

It comes with a google chrome extension. Their customers are getting millions of views and followers according to their testimonial page.

They have 3 paid and 1 free plan, In a free plan, you can use this platform very limited. The paid plans are as follows, Pro for $7.50/month, Boost $39/month, and Bost plus for $415/month.

Click here to join


TubeBuddy is another youtube certified tags generator. We can say TubeBuddy is an advanced version of VidIQ just because of their advanced features and that doesn’t mean VidIQ is not useful.

They also have the same membership plan, 3 paid and 1 free. Are Pro, Star, and Legend membership.

Pro membership costs you $9 per month. Star membership costs you $19 per month and Legend costs you $49 each month.

There some extra features that allow you to get emojis, songs (definitely they are copyright free), comment tools, monetization tools, and much more

Click here to join.

Answer The Public

Do your videos are related to questions and answers? If yes then AnswerThePublic is best for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t use them in your normal videos but this is best for Q&A videos related.

The UK-based website helps you to generate questions for your content. Best tags generator for youtube questions, if you have a video related to questions then this will help.

I suggest using their free service first and if you find them useful then only upgrade your account. Upgrade costs you $99 per month and a 20$ discount in case you purchase an annual subscription.

In the free account, your searches will be limited but in the paid, your searches will be unlimited.

Click here to join.


If you don’t have any budget then go with RapidTags. This is a free youtube tag generator. This provides the list of tags related to your niche which you can use in your video.

At RapidTags you can find the best tags to use on youtube at a very rapid speed.

This is in one keyword generator tool. They allow users to find keywords for Google, eBay, amazon, youtube, play store, bing, Twitter, and Instagram.

They are available as free and paid too. If you want to try then sure go with it. But if you wanted to upgrade then don’t go with it. TubeBuddy will be the best option in place of

Keyword Keg

Every good thing come to end very badly. They were one of the best free keyword research tools but now they make themselves paid and not only paid also increased their rate (price). youtube tags generator.

With KeywordKeg you can optimize almost every search engine and famous social media platform. Their prices start from $38 per month to $762 per month.


KParser comes with free and paid membership for $69 per month.


KeyWordToolDominator allows you to search 2 keywords each day with their free plan and unlimited research with their paid plan.

YouTube keyword tool will cost you around $23 for lifetime access.


KeywordEverywhere is a chrome and firefox based web extension. It tells you the search volume of a specific keyword and helps you to find tags from videos. With their youtube tag generator extension, you can find the latest tag details within the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have some questions which most of them have, so let’s have look at those common questions.

How many tags for youtube videos?

You can add as many tags as you can add within 500 words. Generally, most of the videos have 10-25 tags.

What are good tags for youtube videos?

Your video tags should be related to your video title or topic. For example, I am adding “what tags to use for youtube videos” here.

How to write tags for youtube videos?

You can edit the old video to add tags or you can add tags in your video while uploading videos.

Which is the best-paid youtube tag generator?

VidIQ and TubeBuddy are the best paid suggested youtube tag generator. How to Find Best Tags for YouTube Videos.

Which is the best-free youtube tag generator?

RapidTags is one of the best free youtube tag generators. It is one of the best tag finder for youtube videos.

Conclusion: If you ask me which tools I should use then I will suggest you use VidIQ or TubeBuddy. Because they both are certified and their results are more real-time results in comparison to other tools. If you don’t have money to purchase then go with RapidTags which is a free youtube tags generator.

Make sure you do not forget to use Google Auto Suggestion. It gives you the best suggestions. Use 10 to 20 tags and make sure your tags are related to your video.