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Today I am here with another online paid survey site review. Yeah, it is a Surveyeah review, I already published many honest reviews here where you can find good and bad survey sites.

If you are a newbie then I suggest you join Rewardia, they have more surveys, high paying, and fast payment.

Let’s back to our Surveyeah review.

What is Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is owned by Tradatech SRL and it is an Italy-based company. It was founded in the year 2014 and growing steadily but with some negative reviews too. You will get it later in this review later.

They are operating in more than 120 countries and have more than 2 million registered users whom they paid out more than 1 million EURO. According to their website stat, they have conducted more than 3 million surveys to date.

Surveyeah Sign up

Sign up process is a bit long and you might not want to fill all forms but if you fill the forms then only you can get more surveys.

Click here to sign up.

After signing up and log in you need to provide some extra information and these are small questionaries but many.

Methods to Make Money at Surveyeah

Surveyeah Surveys

Well, there is only one way to make money on Surveyeah and it is paid surveys only. They are known for that too only, you can predict that from their name, right?

SurveyYeah surveys are coming directly from their customers and it means they are not using any third-party platform to provide surveys. They send you surveys directly to your email box hence keep checking the email box and make sure to check the spam box too.

Most of the surveys take 5 to 15 minutes to complete and their smallest survey may take 1 minute and the longest survey may take 45 minutes. These surveys will reward you somewhere between $0.20 to $4.00 per survey.

Rewards are not added instantly you have to wait for up to 3 weeks to get your reward credited to your account.

Invite and Earn Commission

There is an attractive referral commission, you will get 10% of what your friend will earn. If you referred a friend and he earned $100 then you will get $10. The referral amount will be credited within 3 weeks from when your referral completes the survey.

Surveyeah APP

Unfortunately, there is no app available for now. I recommend you to use them on your desktop device for better use.

Surveyeah Payment Methods

They have different international payment options like Western Union, Skrill, PayPal, Amazon, and MoneyGram. And the minimum payout is $10 which you can withdraw anytime. This payment method depends on the location you are living in. surveyeah opiniones.

Surveyeah legit or scam

So is surveyeah legit or not?

Surveyeah is not 100% legit but because there are many users who reported they are not qualifying for surveys and sometimes they are not getting paid.

It seems they also don’t care about the users because they are not attending to any answers. Take a look at this review.

When I signed up, I was able to make my first withdrawal of $ 20,00 in 20 days, so the crisis caused by the coronavirus intensified and I believe that because of that, the research almost dried up. Of the few surveys that came were $ 1,00 for less I got to answer several surveys of $ 0,25 and also the problems started on a Monday I answered a survey of $ 1,00 that was already rare and

the next day I was discounted that $ 1,00 when I complained by email they said that my answer was not valid and therefore from the deduction so far it was okay that it was justified only the second time I was deducted $ 2,50 without any justification and 1 week after I answered the last one search and see that the last search was not $ 2,50 but $ 0,25.

I am also over 1 month old and I was only able to make $ 10,75 as I was discounted $ 2,50 I have $ 8,25 to cash out on Paypal only when it reaches $ 20,00 so I gave up on this site and I no longer refer anyone for the lack of honesty and how the site and its developers treat them. In short, it is not worth it is just a waste of time because the withdrawal amount is very high and they deduct it from your balance just like that when they want. Don’t waste your time.





Earning Methods


Average Reward


Site Speed





  • Simple payout options
  • Support almost every country
  • Fast payout


  • Surveys are limited
  • Rejection is more
  • Customer service is not good