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If you want to start blogging but have limited resources and money to spend on a website then you can start a blog on Instagram.

Yes, it is possible to start blogging on Instagram. But the question is how to start a blog on Instagram to generate revenue.

Making money through Instagram is not new there are many methods to make money on Instagram. And blogging is one of them.

Most of the people are not aware of this even though some of them are doing it already. If you already have huge followers on Instagram then you will love this method of making money.

In today’s article, we are going to know how to start a blog on Instagram which can help you to make money online.

If you are a mom and want to start a blog then take a look at the article, how to start a mom blog.

This method will not only help you to start blogging on Instagram but it can also help you to grow your WordPress blog sites.

This is the step-by-step guide to follow each step correctly.

Step 1: Select Your Niche

The first step of blogging is finding a niche. You can choose any niche you want to work on. The niche should be specific and broad.

If you are focusing on Fashion blogs then you can’t publish posts related to finance or science.

If your niche does not have a much-targeted audience then you should work on another niche. Your niche should have a large audience and revenue-generating.

Following are the best Instagram blogging ideas.

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Traveling
  • Photography
  • Lifestyle

Step 2: Create An Instagram Account

Creating an Instagram account is not hard. You can visit their website or mobile app to create an account on Instagram. I suggest using the mobile app, as it is easy and simple to use.

After creating an account switch it to a business account, for this you need to have a Facebook page. I am sure this is not hard to follow. You can simply visit the setting page and connect your Facebook business page with Instagram.

Below is the reason why you need a Business account.

  • Insights: Users with business profiles can check their insights and analytics.
  • Contact Button: You can add a contact button in your profile, which helps users to contact you directly to your email.
  • Ads: You can do promotion of your posts
  • Link In Stories: Accounts with over 10K followers can add links to their Instagram stories, swipe-up feature.

Step 4: Set Up Your Instagram Account

The profile is what first users interact with and the bio is second which visitors love to read and know about. It is very important to have an attractive profile picture and an updated profile bio.

Instagram allows to add up to 150 characters only, which lets users be creative in some ways.

The profile picture and your bio on Instagram should be added in such a manner that visitors can’t stop themselves from following you.

You can also add a clickable link in your bio, you can add your website or blog link. As you can add limited characters and mostly website links are long you can use URL Shortener to short your link and you can also track user’s activity.

Step 5: Start Daily Posting

You are not going to reach thousands of people with your first post, you have to keep posting on Instagram with proper Images, Hashtags, Mentions, and links.

Images are more powerful than words? What do you think?

How to start writing blogs on Instagram? You can start with any post you want to do. But it must be relevant to your follower and niche.

Your post image should be in HD and attractive. Don’t fill your post be lots of unneeded texts or links. This is not a WordPress blog where you can publish 1000+ words article, here you get limited space. And you have to engage your visitors with that much content.

The report says daily posters have a high chance of getting more followers than other Instagram bloggers.

You don’t have enough time to post on Instagram? Use TailWindAPP to schedule your posts. It also suggests you best Tags for your post.

Step 6: Improve Your Post

It is important to keep checking which post on Instagram is getting more likes, comments, and engagements. Compare them and make a new one.

User proper hashtags, analyze your hashtags, which hashtags are getting more reach and which don’t.

Check what is the best time to post on Instagram. It depends from account to account.

Use description in such a manner that it insists users post a comment on your post, it doesn’t matter if they like it or not.

Step 7: Promotion Of Your Instagram Blog

Marketing is part of any business. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are doing you have to do marketing for sure.

There are many Instagram users with huge followers who are ready to promote your account for money or cross-promotion. It means you will promote his account on your account and he will promote your Instagram blog.

You can also use Facebook advertising to promote your Instagram posts and can get likes or followers. This is the costlier method hence choose wisely.

If you have other social media accounts like Twitter then you can share the link of your Instagram profile and can get exposure. You can also add your Instagram profile link to your website or blog.

Host Instagram Giveaways

You can also host Instagram giveaways, you can easily increase your followers by many times and can also promote your blog.

Who doesn’t want to get free rewards? Everyone wants right? Then why don’t we utilize that to get traffic?

You can use RafflePress to host Instagram giveaways.

Best Instagram Blogging Tools

To start blogging on Instagram you need to have some tools that can help you to grow your account easily.

Instagram Blog Examples

Do you know any Instagram bloggers? There are Instagram bloggers whom you should follow to learn how it works. Following are some known Instagram Bloggers.

Tanya Dhar

Chiara Ferragni

Akansha Redhu

Julie Sariñana

Sincerely Jules

Zoe Sugg

How To Monetize Your Instagram Blog?

In the end, you need to earn money, right? Yes, for sure. After following the above-mentioned steps this is the time to earn money from your Instagram blog.

Monetizing is one of the toughest steps in Instagram as you need thousands of followers first to start making money. Posting your first blog post on Instagram is easy but generating the first dollar from here is not. But it is not impossible to once you get enough followers.

  • Promote Your Own Blog: If you have your own blog then this is the best to use it to increase your AdSense or other income. You will get free traffic from your Instagram account.
  • Promote Brands: Once you get thousands of followers brands will contact you to promote their products.
  • Affiliate Links: You can join any affiliate platform and choose the product related to your niche and can promote it on your account.
  • Start own Online Shop: You can create your own merchandise using online platforms and can sell over the Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blogging On Instagram is Worthy?

If you ask me if you should start a blog on Instagram then I would say NO to you but plus I will suggest you start blogging on the website too. And use your blog plus Instagram to make money.

Both will be the best combination.

How to be a lifestyle blogger on Instagram?

To become a lifestyle blogger on Instagram you need to create your account for Lifestyle and post content related to it.

How to announce your blog on Instagram?

Once your account start growing you can announce your own Blog on Instagram and followers will love it.

How to blog on Instagram and make money?

Making money on Instagram is easy with your blog and above I explained everything steps by step.

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