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If you are a blogger and looking for real human traffic then you might need to try Serpclix. Serpclix is also one of the best places to earn free money online by viewing ads.

Getting real human traffic is not easy for bloggers and it is hard for newbies to earn money online by viewing good websites. With Serpclix you will find real and clean websites only.

Let’s check out if Serpclix is legit or a scam, how much you can earn, why you should use it, ad much more in this Serpclix review.

What Is Serpclix?

Serpclix is a website where you can earn free money by viewing ads online and it is also one of the best places to purchase real human traffic from any country or in any targetted keywords.

It has 100% real human traffic and there is almost no chance of getting bot or harmful traffic to your website. It will increase your CTR and your SEO rankings.

There are more than 10K businesses that are using the platform in 160 countries. Serpclix was founded in 2016 with the aim of providing better and high-quality search engine reach.

There are more than 200K clickers who registered on Serpclix to make money online.

What Are The Requirements?

There are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill in order to make money on the platform.

  1. Make sure you are not using any VPN or proxy.
  2. Do not create multiple accounts
  3. You need to have a laptop or desktop
  4. Install their extension

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How Does Serpclix Work?

To start making money at Serpclix at first you need to be a real human first and access your account from your real IP only do not use any VPN or proxy.

Their system will detect your IP address to check if you are a real human or not. It also checks the quality of your IP address.

You must have only one account if you use more than one account then your access to SerpClix will lose.

Let’s start the guide on how to use Serpclix step by step.

1. Sign Up and Login To SerpClix

To get started working as Clicker on SerpClix you have to register on the platform using the link.

2. Download Extension: 

Now you have to install their extension in your browser. Their extension only works in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Hence it is important to use Firefox and Microsoft Edge browser.

If you failed to install the extension then you can install their extension manually.

3. Login To Your Extension

Now click on the icon from the browser using your username and password. Once you logged in to your account you can find a  number of available tasks to do.

4. Click on Order

The system will check your location and the quality of your IP address to show you available tasks. Once you click on an order of available tasks it will open Google in a new tab.

You have to enter the keyword that you have seen in the task, Once you click on the task it will copy the keyword automatically. Search that keyword on Google to start.

5. Find The Correct Website

Now it’s time to search for the correct website to visit Once you enter the keyword in Google you have to scroll down till you find the correct website.

So how you will get to know which one is the correct website? Due to the extension, the correct URL will be marked with red color. Keep scrolling till you find the red color URL.

6. View the Site and Earn Money

Once you click on the URL timer will get started you have to be on the same page till the time reach zero or till your reward gets credited.

SerpClix Is Legit Or Scam?

SerpClix is a 100% legit and trusted platform to make money online and boost your organic traffic.

They have a positive rating on different rating platforms. For example, they have a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 60+ reviews on Trustpilot.

On FoxyRating they are marked as paying platform.

I can suggest you to use the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum payout at SerpClix?

The minimum payout is only $5.00. The payment method supported is Paypal only. You will receive payment each month for earnings from last month.

Is the Serpclix referral program attractive?

It is not attractive but still, you can make money from your referral for the first 3 months from the date they registered. 10% referral commission you can earn.