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Ever heard about Scoping? Or Scopist Jobs? Maybe not.

Scoping is one of the underrated online jobs that you may like to know about. There are many WFH jobs we have talked about but Scoping is a bit new for us as well.

In this article, you will get to know what is Scoping, how to find Scoping jobs, how scoping works, and everything that is related to scopist jobs.

Let’s start with the 3 basics first.

What Is Scopist or Scoping?

Scopist or Scoping is a job that is related to court. Scopist word is used in court and the person who is Scopist edits the documents and other transcripts from the court’s official proceedings.

As a Scopist you have to attend official proceedings in the courtroom. Transcribe every single spoken word into written text.

In movies, you might have seen the person in the courtroom with a stenotype machine. he is the Reporter.

In some places, voice writers are also allowed. Scopes do check the work done by reporters. When reporters complete their writing.

Scopists read those writings or documents to check grammar mistakes, punctuation, paragraphs, technical & scientific terms, mistranslated, untranslated, words, spelling, end of the page, and everything that can make a report good and well structured.

They receive rough files which they convert into a perfectly structured report and submit back to court.

The court transfers these reports to professional proofreaders and then after completing proofreading it gets submitted to attorneys.

In simple, a Scopist is the person who checks the written court hearing files solves the all mistakes, and then submits them.

How Much Does Average Scopist Make?

So what is Scoping Salary?

It is important to know how much you are going to get paid.

As reported on, the average salary of a Scopist in the United States is $39,961 per annum. The recent trend shows that the average salary that Scopist receives is between $33,175 to $49,255 per annum.

Salary based on per page can be between $1.00 to $1.25 for regular turnaround jobs.

If you are a fresher then you can expect at least $20,000 to $35,000 per annum. Experienced and skillful persons also earn up to $50K to $60K per annum.

Scopist salary depends on various factors including skills, speed, certifications, education, and experience.

Equipement Requirements & Skills

You need to have one laptop or computer, the laptop will work at best. If you don’t have a laptop and planning to get one then I would suggest checking this article on what is refurbished laptops. Other things you need are Headphones and Good Internet.

For skill, your typing speed should be good. Finding errors & reading is also necessary to do scoping jobs.

Why I Should Do Scopist Jobs?

There are many cool WFH or Work From Home works you can do so why do scope jobs?

Some extra benefits can attract you to scoping jobs.

  • Scoping is Flexible
  • High Salary
  • No extra expectation
  • No need for bundles of certificate

Scoping Is Flexible

Scoping is flexible because you don’t need to do a 9-5 job and you don’t need to go office. Scopists can do Scoping jobs anytime and anywhere, it is a work-from-home job.

Students can do this job on their vacation time. Just need to have a laptop or computer, headphones, and a good internet connection. I am sure most of you have one.

High Scopist Jobs Salary

As above mentioned, you can see Scopists are making a good amount of money. If you are a student and don’t have any experience then you can earn around $20K.

No Extra Expectation

In other jobs, HR asks you to do extra work but as a Scopist you have to do the simple task of editing and checking only.

No Need for Extra Certificates

To do scopist job you don’t need to do extra certificates, with simple certificates you can do this job. And you can get Scopist Certificate easily from some sites, mentioned below.

Scopist Jobs Training & Certificate

Now the question is how to get trained for Scoping jobs. and how to get certificated for same?

As scoping jobs are not much popular there are limited places from where you can get trained and certified. Following are the places to get scopist training and scopist certificates.

Scope School (Internet Scoping School)

Linda Evenson owned this Internet Scoping school and course, it teaches you scoping from beginning to pro. She has worked as a scopist since last more than 30 years.

Her courses are not free hence you have to spend some amount of money to enroll in her course, it is worth it in comparison to the salary you will get.

Accolade Scoping Education

This is one of the best scoping schools. The site is a bit outdated or not updated but it is still a place to get a Scoping course. Visit them to learn to know more about their courses.

Another place to find Scopists training courses but this is also one which is not updated.

So which one is the best Scoping course? 

In my opinion, Internet Scoping School is the only best and most up-to-date scoping course you should be well experienced and very updated.

How To Find Scopist Jobs Near Me

If you know someone who can help you to get Scopist jobs directly then it is the be otherwise, so you can the y following ways to get Scoping jobs.

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NCRA is the place where students try their luck to get jobs. You can find captioning works available on their website. Or you can create your profile offering Scoping work.


StenoSearch is a classified advertising platform for steno-related jobs including Scopist jobs online as well. It was launched in 1999. is a simple and easy way to find available Scoping jobs. Those who need scopist do visit and post their requirements and those who need scopist jobs contact them.

Visit Courts or Attorneys

If you have some time then it is worth visiting Courts where you can find someone who needs Scopist. It is not easy it can definitely help you in some way.

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