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Teaching english online and earning money was easy and fast with SameSpeak but currently website is not accessible. So what happened to SameSpeak?

There are many  companies in this industry and one of them was Samespeak. It is really hard to find trusted out trusted one. It is site where English speakers teach English to other students.

Let’s find out more about SameSpeak in this review.

What Is SameSpeak?

SameSpeak is a platform where you teach foreign students English language. In exchange of that you earn money from them.

The company was established and founded by Rowan Brickell in the year 1986. There they allow users from English background only to teach as most of learners are foreign students.

But it is not necessary to know English only because there are some students who are here to learn other languages as well.

As a coach you can work from home and teach English from home easily. They do also provides coaches with lessons and support which can help coaches to start their journey.

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Who Can Join SameSpeak?

The person who speak Eanglish language and has the age 16 or above can sign up on SameSpeak. The job called here is Coaching jobs where not only English speakers but Non-English speakers can join as well.

The benefit of this platform is that anyone can join this platform even without having any experience. Yes you don’t need any experience to start your journey with the platform.

Where most of sites asks for experience and specific skills this platform doesn’t requires anything.

How Much I Can Earn?

The earning might be low in comparison to other platforms but they make sure everyone joins and earn money while students learn English as well.

They have two types of coaches, verified and unverified coaches. Where verified coaches do earn $10 to $20 for each 30 minutes coaching session and unverified coaches earnes $around or below $10 per session.

The website pays users through Paypal once a week. Every Friday you can receive your earned money but make sure you have at least $100 because minimum payout is 100 USD.

What Happened To SameSpeak?

SameSpeak was very popular platform in the year 2010 to 2014 but suddenly demand of SameSpeak decreased as more and more competitors comes in market.

As of now their website is not working and it is accessible but without any content.