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Earning money is not as easy as it seems. But you know there are people who do scam by hacking and scamming you and people like you. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe from those scammers. Here I am writing some safety guide points which you can follow to keep yourself safe.

Never and ever let hackers hack you.

So here are the points which you can follow to keep yourself and your money safe, Online Safety Guide For Every User Who Wants To Make Money Online.

  1. Always have 3 email addresses. 1 for personal, 1 for business and 1 for sites that do not look trustworthy and new for you.
  2. Always use different passwords on every site. Some site admins can see your password on their website. Or sometimes hackers hack the site database which they put in public so anyone can get access to your ID and password.
  3. Never and ever download any app, file, or image from unknown sites or sources.
  4. Never click on links received from unknown sources. The scammer sends emails that look like the original. For example, our email address is “” but a scammer may send an email from “[email protected]
  5. Never share a password with your friend, best friend, and anyone else.
  6. Always save passwords at two places. If possible one password on your PC and in a paper, which is offline.
  7. Always use original source for downloading any app or file.
  8. Never invest more than what you can afford to lose.
  9. Always try to “learn” everything either it is legal or illegal but only follow legal. The illegal way is the fastest and easiest way to earn money for it is not for the long term one day you will get caught and one day you will be in Jail.
  10. Don’t feel bad when you are not achieving your target or earning money. Just keep following your plan, today or tomorrow you will achieve your target for sure.

If you ever fall in doubt then don’t hesitate and contact us directly. We are always ready to help you with our safety guide. If you follow the above-mentioned points then no one can ever scam you. work from home online job frauds and no scam work from home jobs. 

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